50 Ways to Stay Married

Friends in Mexico

                    Friends in Mexico

Enjoy the ride!

                      Enjoy the ride!

Yes, I’m writing about the notion that marriages can work even after 50+years.

I am one of the small number of women who still believe marriage is sacred. I have tried many things and many things did not work, at least with my marriage. So maybe some on the list of  50Ways to Stay Married will give you some ideas. Some of them work for me maybe they can work for you!


  1. Use words that are positive and rewarding to your mate. I know there are times you have to let them have it, but remember, you can’t take back words said in haste.
  2. Tell others how special your mate it and what he means to you. The worse thing you can do is bad-mouth your spouse to others, especially to your children.
  3. Make his lunch and place a note of love inside.
  4. Make his favorite meal now and then.
  5. Include his family when holidays roll around.
  6. Try not to offend him with hurtful words about his in-laws. There will definitely be times that you will need to talk it out but keep it to a minimum.
  7. Set aside time for a weekly date. It can be a dinner date, movie, or just a walk in the park.
  8. Ask him how his day went and listen attentively.
  9. Stay in tune with his health and how he is feeling on a daily basis.
  10. Offer to make doctor or dental appointments as needed.
  11. Find hobbies you both can enjoy. Example; football, camping, water sports.
  12. Buy his favorite snacks and drinks.
  13. Bake his favorite cake or cookies.
  14. Snuggle with him when he’s cold.
  15. Kiss him good night, every night.
  16. Laugh at his jokes even when you don’t find them amusing.
  17. Be able to do some of the home chores without his help.
  18. Join him at a local church service. This will help to build a strong foundation.
  19. Always remember birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with a card.
  20. Offer to go with him on a business trip, if you can.
  21. Start each day on a positive note. Tell him you love him!
  22. Prepare food for his parents when they are sick.
  23. Ask his friends over for dinner parties.
  24. Take a vacation where he likes to go.
  25. Pick up his dirty clothes without complaining. Yes, he could be leaving them on his girlfriends bedroom floor.
  26. Bake a food item for him to take to his holiday party. You will get rave reviews.
  27. Ask the kids to honor their father by saying, “yes sir and no sir.”
  28. Keep the kids quite when he’s watching the game! Most important, it’s his time and they need to watch or go to their room.
  29. Dress with attire that is appropriate and makes him feel honored.
  30. Limit your girlfriend phone calls to minimum. Husbands tend to get irritated when you stay on the phone too much.
  31. Rub his back when he’s had a hard day.
  32. Focus on his needs before yours. Be available for his sexual needs. There may come a time when he will get what they need somewhere else.
  33. Don’t interrupt his attitude, he may need nourishment. He may just need to unwind from a hard day. I find this to be true many times!
  34. Speak softly and do not show anger when things don’t go your way. Compromise!
  35. Treat your husband with respect. The same will come back to you.
  36. Set aside a time to reflect on your day and talk out issues that are troubling you both.
  37. No name calling! This only hurts him and will come back to hurt you in the long run.
  38. Appreciate his hobbies. This can free time for you to do the things you enjoy.
  39. Welcome times that he wants to go off with his buddies. We all need time with our friends.
  40. Be willing to hand over the remote. This is not an easy task. Maybe think about sharing or even buying a TV for the bedroom.
  41. Keep your car clean. Guys hate dirty cars with all kinds of “stuff” thrown around the inside.
  42. The man is head of the house. Let him believe it even if you have to take the lead at times.
  43. Remain faithful until death do us part. God has joined you as one.
  44. Above all else, keep yourself healthy and desirable.
  45. Keep the house clean and tidy.
  46. Have dinner prepared or at least a plan when he comes home from work. You will win brownie points for this one!
  47. Don’t spend the day in your pj’s even if it’s the weekend. Guys like their ladies to look their best.
  48. Money issues will arise. Have an open mind when he complains about your shopping habits.
  49. Make a list of chores you need help with and present it to him. Let him pick one’s he feels comfortable doing.
  50. Always, always expect to give the best and the best is what you will get in return!

Keep in mind that you and your spouse will always have disagreements. The thing to keep in mind is that you were attracted to each other for many reasons. Look deep into your heart and ask yourself, “Am I willing to endure the little struggles of life in order to have a wonderful life?”

Let me hear from you. I know there a more ways to love and keep your spouse happy. You have to realize know too marriages are alike. You set the pattern when you say I DO. Start today and reclaim your marriage. It’s a daily work in progress but it can happen if you want it to.

I’m hoping 50 WAYS TO STAY MARRIED will give you ideas to get you on your way to a marriage God holds sacred!

In Christian love, Doris



Choosing a life of passion is simply living a life that’s structured. Having the courage to harness your energy and igniting others to follow their dreams is rewarding.

When the spirit is full of passion, a life of happiness and fulfillment will keep you satisfied for a lifetime. You grow daily by doing the things that move your spirit and keep you focused on the big picture.

Choosing your passion gives you a sense of not going  through your daily pace of life day after day with no goal in mind except to get through the day. Life can be pretty boring at times especially without challenging yourself to reach for the unknown and going to the limits of your ability.

Go ahead, Your Passion can Fire your Spirit in ways you never dreamed of! Set about to discover the inner you. Your soul will be happy and your inner peace will come to light up your life.

I believe!


Sunshine in my Soul today!!

I know, you’ve heard the saying before.

Sunshine in my Soul today!

I want to share my sunshine and it’s because at the ripe age of soon-to-be 72, I made a decision to retire! It’s with mixed feelings and emotions but I know it is what I need to do. My life has been filled with friends and family that want the best for me. I think God is pleased with my decision. I talk to him daily for guidance and inspiration and through my prayers I know God is listening. I guess many of you don’t understand that life but it’s one that’s given me peace and happiness.

I look forward to spending quite moments in my hammock reflecting on the pass and planning the future. My husband and I need this time to travel and enjoy the later years of our marriage. I want to enjoy the days of sleeping late, eating when I’m hungry, and napping on rainy days when I can’t be outside.

I look forward to spending time with my family and laughing about silly things. My friends will fill my days of fun and adventure too. They have always been my inspiration.

Life is full of sunshine and it’s in my soul today!


Mother’s Day Everyday!


I am so blessed! It’s not just a yearly holiday, once you become a mother it’s Mother’s Day Everyday! Blessings occur the minute you give birth. Holding that precious child in your arms and dreaming of the days ahead.

I have felt that kind of feeling and continue to feel the love of my two sons. Since the time they were born up to the age of 50+, I’ve watched them grow into a responsible adult husbands and fathers. They make my heart flow with love and happiness. I’ve been given the best Mother’s Day anyone could ask for.

I hope you experience that kind of joy and have a blessed Mother’s Day Everyday! Hold that feeling in your heart all year-long.

Loving life, Doris




The Beach is calling my name!

belizeThe beach is calling my name!

I know that is a call for many of us. Relaxing on a white sandy beach, listening to the waves of the ocean, seeing the seagulls flap their wings, and feeling the sand between our toes. We all long for that site, sound, and feeling. It give us the feeling of letting our troubles go. It has healing power and renews our soul.

Dream that dream with me today and feel the power of your own imagination take over. With so many life altering changes in the world give yourself positive reinforcement to control your mind as well as your life.

Just for today,

Queen’s Art Studio

Changing Seasons has begun

Fall is a time for Changing Seasons! Even if you feel you don’t need to change, a rush of peace comes over me when You see the leaves changing colors or feel the cool morning air upon waking.
The butterflies are loving the butterfly bush and still flutter outside my bedroom window. ​​

Changing Seasons has begun.

​The burning bushes will be turning red soon. The Bird Girl is watching and waiting.

    The purple asters showed their colors 2 weeks ago!

    Changing Seasons has begun.

    I love Fall, Doris

    Fall Season is here!

    Fall season is here!

    Its my favorite time of the year. Leaves turning colors of red, yellow, and green. Trees shedding their robes of summer heat and grasses turn brown and sound “chunchy” from heat and wear of the mover and children’s feet. Fall season is here!

    I am inspired to remember pallets with my sister making Clover necklaces and looking up at the clouds. Some of my creativity was inspiration from the changes of  seasons.

    Memories are what makes life special!

    Thank you Fall Season,


    Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book


    My Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book is coming along great. I’ve been thinking about what I like to color and now to focus on what will inspire other. I’m thinking special events, holidays, and word catchy ideas.

    I’ve finished most of the drawings and now to start some embellishments to give the drawings a unique flair. I want my Whimsical Art Queen Coloring Book to inspire the use of bold colors.



    I feel creativity is the key to seeing beyond the page and add the artist touch to my drawings. I am more of a Pop Art artist and that gives me an edge to almost child-like coloring pages. I have researched some of the coloring books and the dark areas of most pages don’t appeal to me. My idea is to give my book art for framing or place on their walls to bring joy. I’m dreaming this would be the ultimate reward.

    My Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book is a work in progress but it’s full-filling my need as an artist. I love color and drawing from that I can visualize the pages. Come back soon and even give me advice, I welcome it.

    Artist in training,


    Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Pages 2

    Feeling blessed and happy with a vacation coming next week! It will be relaxing and fun with our family together and enjoying the white sand beaches of Destin, Florida. My plan is to sit on the beach and dream of getting my Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book plan of action complete.

    flocks of flamingo
    flocks of flamingos encourage relaxation for me….


    Plant a Garden of Flowers

    Plant a Garden of Flowers start with the mind-set, “I want to watch flowers grow each spring and always know they will be returning to their beautiful glory.”

    In my world of Plant a Garden of Flowers, I like to grow perennials so that each spring I can know that something spectacular is about to happen.

    Queen's garden

    Queen’s Garden

    Working year round in a garden can be over-whelming to the beginner. But it all starts out with a simple plan of action.

    • Research the interent for plant ideas and information. Check out Gardens and Crafts

    • Prepare a landscape design for your garden

    • Ask friends for cuttings of their plants.

    • Shop garden centers for discounts, Lowe’s and Home Depot .

    • Check our native plants to your zone.

    • Look around at neighborhoods in your area and take photos of the plants you like.

    • Go to your local botanical garden and wander around and see what’s blooming.

    When we moved into our current home, I brought with me hosta in grocery bags that laid in my yard for a few weeks before I could get around to planting them.

    I also talked to my friend, Michelle, and her and I applied to the County Extension for a Master Gardening class. I was thrilled when our names were selected! Having a friend that loves gardening is one of life’s treasures. Michelle shared more than gardening we shared love of friendship. Life is better with a Garden Buddy.


    Life gives us choices and just like a garden, I want to be assured of tomorrow’s beauty and friendships. Some things are taken for granted, sunshine, soft breezes, birds chirping, and the sweet smell of flowers. They remind me God’s beauty is all around. What if you wake up one morning and suddenly your eye sight has diminished and left you blind. What if your hearing is slowly changing to silence? Think how life would change if you couldn’t enjoy the beautiful flowers along life’s pathways. God has given us some many things to be thankful for. I want to inspire each of you to Plant a Garden of Flowers and you too will be assured of God’s beauty season after season.

    God Bless the gardeners!




    Inspired by Friendship

    It’s rare to meet radiant personalities but I feel I can brag about my new friend during my trip to San Miguel. Radiant in the sense of loving life and living it to the fullest. I was Inspired by Friendship and enthused to tell you about the dream.


    Days in San Miguel, 2016

    Updates from my previous posts, I’m Waiting with Excitement!, brings joy and happiness with words from myself and my gal friends that shared the Days in San Miguel,2016. Let the fun begin!




    I’m Thrilled to be alive!

    Life is so good, especially when you realize you have the blessings from above. God gives the blessings I receive and it’s up to me to use my talents to the fullest of my ability. I’m thrilled to be alive!

    Today especially, I shopped until I was ready to drop buying fun clothes and accessories to take on my trip to Mexico. I told my friends that I created a shopping frenzy when I decided to be inspired and dress like Advance Style for our trip.


    Here is a lady that was thrilled to be alive. She lived her life so that others saw the beauty of her soul. Life is too short not to enjoy what you do and what you wear. Read about this angel of a lady.

    This is a portrait of JEANNE LOUISE CALMENT (1875-1997) who was the darling of the media, back in 1995, when she reached her 120th birthday and became the oldest known person in the world – she would further become, by another year, the oldest documented person ever to have lived. I did several sketches, but it was another twelve years before I could start the figure. She was still riding her bicycle at 110 but she fell from it a year or so later, and damaged her hip, which caused her arthritis to advance, so that by 115 years, in 1990, she was confined to a wheelchair. At 118 years, she could no longer hold a cigarette between her fingers, and became a fire hazard, so she stopped smoking. By then, she had smoked continuously for over 100 years, during which time she had outlived every member of her known family, though she never seemed to be lonely, loving life as she did, and having so much of it to remember.

    She was wonderfully self-possessed, and naturally polite, so she would always answer questions, but her answers would be as brief as possible so as not to be extensively distracted from her delicious thoughts of the past. “I was a great flirt.” she would say, “There are just so many moments to recall, and each one always reminds me of other things long forgotten.” and she would often ad, “You know, I only ever had one wrinkle and I’m sitting on it.” This, of course, would all sound more naturally amusing in French. Indeed, she always lived in a very natural way, even refusing to have her cataracts operated on, because it was “Natural to have cataracts” at her age.

    Her family had been wealthy, so, when she was 84, she was living in a fine Paris apartment when a real-estate broker offered to pay all her bills till she died if she would leave her apartment to him. She agreed, of course, and proceeded to outlive him and all his associates – and the company as well, which she had delivered into bankruptcy, though they claimed at the time it was only to void their agreement.

    She was raised in Arles, where her father was a boat builder, and, when she was 18, she spent some time helping out her fiancé’s family-owned fabric shop, which was frequented by Van Gogh when he needed canvass, and, of course she had waited on him. When asked, she would say,” I will never forget him. He was just so dirty – he was filthy as a louse.” It would seem that first impressions really are enduring – and one must keep in mind that Vincent was a failed artist when they met. He never sold a painting in his life, and the lack of recognition clearly unbalanced him – it may have killed him.

    She would never give advice on how to live a long life, but would simply note that “God must have just forgotten me.” I think not. In fact, she seemed to grow sassier and lovelier every year, and God must have just wanted to see how long she could keep it up. So, here she is sitting with her ciggies on her own little pedestal for all to admire, but none daring to interrupt the rich flow of her thoughts – good heavens, no!

    Lisa Lichtenfels
    January 2008

    Thanks for the article and we do love this lady!

    That’s why I am thrilled to be alive! I can choose to wear my clothes and accessories no matter what age I am. I love life and live it to the fullest. I hope I can inspire you to give it a thought to enjoy life and feel thrilled to be alive. Show it in your smile, life style, and even your clothes!

    Hoping you love me, Doris


    I’m Waiting with Excitement

    I’m Waiting with Excitement to celebrate my 70th birthday in style!  I’ve got 2 great friends to share it with and a wonderful husband to help guide our paths. Okay, maybe the word isn’t guide but he’ll be along for the ride. It will be a trip to put in the Queen’s history book!

    I’ve gathered some fabulous designer looking outfits for a photo shoot in the streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. That is where my heart longs to be and suck in all the artistry that makes this city so rare. It is one of the best places to visit and see amazing artist at work.


    My adventure will be to dress up in style and take some photos of me and my girlfriends in the streets of Mexico. I love the idea that women over 50 present themselves as bold and beautiful.

    I love Iris Apfel and how she boldly wears her clothes. She is an inspiration to older ladies. I too, have a passion for bright colors and want to incorporate that in my wardrobe. I think my friends would say, “Yes, she is a colorful lady” and I don’t want to disappoint them.

    I’m waiting with excitement to dress up and go out and see what the streets of San Miguel have to offer. This will be my 4th time there and I know I will not be disappointed. I can’t get enough of the culture, art, and the shopping there.

    Queen looking for Mexican trinkets

    Queen looking for Mexican trinkets

    I will definitely update this post with my our photos of the memorable time but until then I’m waiting with excitement and know the days are ticking off. I still have to cancel mail and paper, talk to my local bank, and verify my minutes with my provider. Oh, I forgot, I must start packing because I have a lot of stuff. My husband says one suitcase but a girl’s got to have jewelry, accessories, makeup, meds, and my tablet to document the vacation.

    Check out Things to do in San Miguel de Allende, you too might decided to travel to this amazing art community!

    I’m waiting with excitement in Alabama and heading to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a holiday!

    God Bless, Doris

    In Love with Pintrest

    I stand amazed at the wealth of information on Pintrest. I think I am In Love with Pintrest frankly! The site is creative, informative, welcoming, and full of things that make my world rock!

    I started out with just a few boards on Pintrest and before you know it, I was hooked. I now have over 200 boards and 26.3k pins with 1.4k followers. Don’t forget to find me at the Queens Studio  I’ll be watching for you.

    Check out my board on Bohemian-Gypsy-Wanderlust, I think it rocks! It’s all about the life style I love.

    You will fall In Love with Pintrest too. Especially when you find that certain craft, receipe, or DIY article you need.

    Some things that make it special;

    • Open 24 hours a day.

    • Search any topic.

    • For Male and Female.

    • Create your own personal boards.

    • Connect with other pinners.

    • Learn new topics at your disposal.

    • Likes posted on your pins.

    • Share ideas from your blog.

    • Alphabetize for easy access to boards.

    Life is good when you sign up for a Pintrest account. It gives you freedom to search any hour of the day. I would be lost without it, especially with the seasonal holidays. You can find crafts of any imagination along with recepies for wonderful dinners and parties. It helped me to build my art studio. I found ideas and both my contractor and I colloraborated the details. My life would be quite dull without the help of Pintrest.

    Yes, you too can fall In Love with Pintrest. Go there now and spread the joy of pinning. Please give Pintrest a try, I think you will fall in love too!

    Just sayin, Doris

    Make 2016 A New Beginning

    Many of us start to make New Year resolutions about this time each year. 2016 will begin about the same for many people. Do you want 2016 to be the same? Make 2016  A New Beginning for your resolution!

    It can be if you believe. You ask, what are you talking about? I want to pass it on to you. I too make New Year resolutions but the best one I made was to follow Jesus.

    Jesus is my go-to when I am feeling sad or need a friend.  Jesus is always available any time day or night. Read your bible and know you can obtain peace.

    I like to hear Joel Osteen and see how he adds positive life stories to give us his positive message. He inspired me to heights I never dreamed I could accomplish. God speaks to him and I listen.

    The best gift ever given was Jesus coming to this earth and walking among the people and teaching by his example. Jesus died for you and me. He can take away your heartache when everything else fails.

    bible-706662_1920Take time to figure out where you will spend eternity. We can’t predict the day we will die. If you don’t make a decision you will be lost when Jesus comes again. Make a wise decision and know it’s the best decision of your life.

    A New Beginning can help you in every situation you face. I beg you do it before it’s too late. God has a plan for you. He knows your heart and he will enrich your life and give you peace. You can have the assurance of a home eternally.

    I hope my message will inspire you to make a New Beginning, Doris