12 Steps to Shopping Cheap

Yes, I admit I love to shop! I had a mother who made all my clothes along with getting hand-me-downs from my sister that I think sparked my interest to shop. I like the adventure to find a one-of-a-kind item, whether it be clothing, shoes, decor and more. Shopping in the past relieved stress and frustration with things I couldn’t change and it gave me a reason to clear my mind. I would at times, wander around in a daze not really looking for anything special but like the saying, “All that wander are not lost”. I am a wanderlust person that is always up for an adventure. Living a hum-drum life is not for me. I just thrive on the road ahead and try not to look back at the past.

Here are steps to shopping cheap. Like me, you too can be a wanderlust.

  1. Accept the responsibility of a ShopAholic by saying the words out loud, ” I am a true ShopAholic“.
  2. Check out weekly ads in the newspaper, local sales at department stores, for coupons and discounts.
  3. Shop Thrift stores and Consignment shops for super bargain prices. Sometimes you will find new items with tags still on.
  4. Look for flyers left on bulletin boards at your local grocery stores.
  5. Facebook, tweets, and other multmedia apps can give you discounts for on-line shopping. Lots of new apps are added weekly so don’t give up.
  6. Sites on the internet to look for discounts are Woot, Amazon. Ebay, Craigslist and many more.
  7. Watch for bloggers to have a drawing to encourage you to their sites.
  8.  Pintrest plays a vital role in shopping because you can find unusual items for purchase along with some interesting concepts to everything that interests you.
  9. Ask family members for cash when they want to know what you would like for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas and all holidays. You can have the extra cash for large purchases
  10. Scan billboard signs for local craft shows and mark them on your calendar. Many times the owners are willing to take discounts on their items.
  11. Talk to friends that love to shop and they can give you insights to upcoming sales and discounts.
  12. Always know you are loved when your spouse yells, ” How many shoes do you really need”.

God Bless you and keep on shopping! Queen Rose

About Queen Dorishttp://queenstudio.wordpress.comI am a wife, mother, sister, artist, master gardener, interior designer, and Queen of the Red Hat Fabulous Flamingos. I love writing & my book, Feel it, believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships, is available on Amazon. I share advice on art, gardening, home design, and friendship. Let's get this party started!

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