60-30-10% Rule to Add Color to Your Home!

What is color for you? Do you have white or beige décor? Are your walls plain and dull? Are you mainly wearing the color black or just plain Jane when it comes to your home and attire? I am here to help you get out of the box and try a mood change that will lift your spirits! You can add color to your home using the 60-30-10%!

I’ve always loved color and it gives me the happy spirit I need when feeling down or just not myself. I know many of you are afraid to step out and try something new. If you can’t visualize what a difference it can make, let me help you. Some people have problems with drawing from their creative side of the brain. Well, all that can change and I am the person to help make you take the first step!

I have a certificate from the New York Institute Art & Design and love to share my knowledge with all!

  • What will the room be used for? Example office, bedroom, or family room
  • Will you need certain pieces of furniture and lighting (this will determine placement & selection)
  • What is your favorite color? It helps to add colors you can relate to as you will be using it throughout your home.
  • Use the 60-30-10%rule. 60% dominate color, 30% coordinating color (opposite the color wheel), and 10% pops of color. Stay in the same shade family for your choices.
  • Select the 60% paint color for your walls.
  • Select the 30% color for your furniture, unless you want to play it safe and use beige.
  • Select your accessories with 10% color choice.

60-30-10% RULE PLAN

Look in magazines to see what colors and designs you relate to. Collect pictures of furniture and accessories that you like. Look at them and decide your color scheme. Remember the 60-30-10% rule and make decisions based on those numbers!

#1 – The 60% rule is shop for paint colors at Home Depot, I think the Behr paint is the best choice with great coverage. (I have painted my living room 5 times in the past 20 years and swear by it) Home Depot has a wide variety of paint colors to choose from and will even match colors from a swatch of clothing!

  • Prepare walls and floors for painting and put your favorite color on your walls. Yes, it’s hard work but come on ladies, you can do it!

#2 – The 30% rule can be one you like a lot or one that is opposite the color wheel. ex: red and blue is the opposite color.Use current furniture or maybe even slip-cover your sofa in a neutral beige.

  • Add a chair, picture for the wall, or even a new sofa with a second color choice.

#3 – The 10% rule for accessories.

  • Select beautiful accent pieces that coordinate with your current furniture. A throw for the couch or chair, a vase, statue, a rug, or flower arrangement will fall into this rule.

Some of my favorite stores to shop at have quality merchandize and loads of knickknacks to add charm and whimsy to your home. I like to shop at Ross, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and local thrift stores. I buy at estate sales, yard sales and many antique stores to come up with the one-of-a-kind décor. I use my painting skills to make signs, (see the word sign, GRACE, in the photo below)

I choose happy colors that bring a sort of whimsy to my home. I select turquoise and white with pops of red. I naturally like red, it’s my favorite color, and you need to think what makes you smile. It’s all about how color makes you feel. If you want a soft relaxing color like blue then select a color opposite of the color wheel. If you are daring, like me, select red and turquoise. They are opposite colors that work together perfectly.

My experience with interior design helped me to re-decorate all my rooms and use the 60-30-10% rule!

  • I removed wall paper and painted with Behr paint. 60 rule
  • I used chalk paint and painted the armoire in the picture to match the chairs. 30 rule (see below)
  • I found several great chairs for my dining room from Overstock I love them and they were sent shipping free! (My builder friend, Kathy, built this fabulous farm table for me)
  • I use red bar stools and pops of red on the shelves (out of sight) 10 rule
dining room

Queen’s dining room 60-30-10% rule

I hope you get the concept of the 60-30-10% rule of decorating. It gives you direction and helps you to start with your task at hand. You should always have a plan to keep you on track. I look forward to you posting some photos of your decorating using this rule!

Come back soon! Doris aka Queen Rose

Benefits of Swinging with a Garden Buddy

Gardening is my release of stress and gives me a life-long hobby with exercise benefits. One of my greatest treasures is not my beautiful garden but my garden buddy. I share my love of gardening with her. It gives us both endless conversations when we are in the garden or visiting each other!

Want a She Shed? I got one!

These days all ladies are wanting a She Shed! I am so lucky because I got one. I always had the dream of having a greenhouse, garden shed, a place to develop, write, paint, squander my thoughts and feelings without being disturbed. You have to dream BIG to get what you want in life!

she shed

She Shed

My plans just seemed to appear out of the blue. One day while checking out my friends posts on Facebook, I came across a friend that was an acquaintance at my job. She had moved on to another company and she helped me with some photos I used in my self-published book, “Feel it, believe it, pass it on! The Power of Friendships”. She established a company, 2nd Chance Furniture, and I searched through the site looking for furniture projects she posted. One post related to a pergola she built for another friend. I thought, “wow, she is so talented and I wonder if she could build a small shed for me”. I quickly sent her an email with a quick note stating I would like a small shed if she had time to come to my home and talk about the project. Her response, “Sure, what was I thinking about”, so we began to connect over the next couple of weeks and decided on a date to meet and talk about my wants for the shed.

I love this lady!! She and I connect so well because we both are not afraid to express our thoughts and concerns. My husband joined in and gave some pointers and we scratched out a design featuring old doors and windows. My friend has access to some windows that cost $5 each. I began so excited I could not believe in a million years I could have one. I researched all the bells and whistles that I wanted in my She Shed. I love journaling so I kept a 3 ring binder with quotes from Lowes and Home Depot for supplies I might need. Together we shopped around for supplies to get us started building.

she shed

She shed walls

The days were hot and humid and the building was slow go. My friend had a full-time job and we would work late afternoons and week-ends to do a little at a time. We even had some guys helping, my husband became involved. It seems that after the walls went up, things started to speed up. Especially when the roof was placed it began to look like a real building!

she shed roof

She Shed Roof

The She Shed took a few months to complete walls, roof, siding, windows and doors. My builder was amazing and her grandson also came to help. It was a total fun project working with them and especially my husband helping out.

builder of she shed

She Shed & Builder

The finishing inside took another 6 months but I am happy with the results. I will link up with another post on how to organize your craft area soon. No, I love to have this place I call my Happy Place!! Want to tell me about your plans for a She Shed? They are all the rage these days. Men have their Man Caves so us ladies can have our She Shed’s, don’t you think? Let’s share the fun!

Queen Rose

Grandparent, 10 Years of Journalism

That’s right, I wrote in my journal about my grandson’s growing up years. I like to remember the important little things he did, first tooth, first steps, and some of his first words were the beginning of a long history of thoughts that I collected. My love for him is like the grandest feeling in the world!  Occasionally, I began to write down words of joy, laughter, and excitement about his life. I felt like it was giving me a chance to relive the feelings of happiness I felt inside as a grandparent. I kept writing and one day I thought, I will keep writing until…?? Well, after 10 years of journalism seem to fly by. 
grandparents journal

Grandparents 10-year Journal

Grandchildren are life’s greatest treasure! I know lots of people have many of them but with a new-found feeling of joy that overtakes you in the beginning, it’s all about that special one. He is my first and only blood grandson. Having grandkids by my son’s marriage is fantastic! I get to say I have 4 all together. They are precious one by one.


My little Woody at Halloween

Being the dodging grandparent, that would be me, I was able to babysit him every weekend from the age of 2 weeks old. He would come every Friday night to stay while my son and his wife  went out on a date. I really think that is an important part of a marriage. I always welcomed the time I could spend with him. I like to have fun and dressed him up like Woody, one of his favorite characters.

I had a Christmas tree in our bedroom and when he came to visit I turned off all the lights except for the tree and we like to watch The Grinch. I must have watched it over 500 times. Another one of his favorite movies. It was all whimsical and full of fun and laughter!


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The easy way to 10 years of journalism is picking up that journal and jot down just a few short sentences about your grandchild’s life.

  1. Select a journal that is easy to hold and tuck away in your purse if needed.
  2. Select a good writing pen, use the same one day after day. A generic pen that you can change out the ink is best.
  3. Write about special days, birthdays, first day of school, friends, and make these days your easy  entires.
  4. Add photos and awards they have received.
  5. Post a reminder on the refrigerator to “write in your journal”.
  6. School day memories is a great entry to write about. (1st grade all the way to 5th or 6th grade gives many cherriest happenings.)
  7. Entries about report cards and teachers will be good subjects.
  8. Add messages about friends and sleep overs.
  9. Favorite foods, snacks, & drinks.
  10. Favorite Disney movies or cartoons, & television shows.

10 Year Journal

10 year Journal

I love the finished journal and there are times I sit in my stressless recliner and read from it. I’m reminded of the early years but now that my grandson is almost 14, I appreciate the journal more than ever. It took dedication and percifereny to write in it when there are so many things that take over our lives. I just feel it’s one of the best things I have ever done!

You too can give it a try, grandparent, 10 years of journalism is a real-life way to bring your memories into the moment. Begin with just  few lines, maybe one paragraph is all you have time to write. That’s a great place to start.

Let me hear about your progress. I love to connect with grandparents!

Queen Rose

Anything goes Journaling

I believe anything goes journaling is my kind of craft. It allows me to let my thoughts and expressions to have a place to dwell. After all, we are all caught up in this fast pace world of technology. Journaling frees your mind to only dwell on your mind. Clear out the daily hum-drum world and create a journal of thoughts, scribbles, words, pictures, and give it real meaning.

I have a few quick hints that will get you started in the right direction.

  1. Supplies is the first step to create a journal. Select pens (pencils, markers, whatever) that write easily and that you enjoy using. I like BIC colored ink pens, colorful ballpoint, and highlighters. Watercolors add a light touch of color. Acrylic paints with gel medium let paints flow well. I choose my writing utensils based on my mood and on what the journal I’m using can handle (some have thin pages and can only take a ballpoint).You can use gesso & paint to cover the pages before you write. Gesso keeps the paint from seeping into the paper. Stencils, stamps, anything goes journaling.
  2. Embellishments Old pictures, magazine words, song sheets, books, cards, business cards, stamps, computer generated pictures, ribbons, feathers, torn  papers, tickets, parchment paper, newspaper, etc.
journal supplies

Journal Supplies

Journal Topics

Write about work, your wishes, your family, your irritations, your gratitude, your aspirations, your creative work, your travels, your story ideas, your finances, your fears, your relationships…let it all come together just as it does in your daily life.

Garden Journal –Whether you’re an avid gardener or just like to admire beautiful gardens and flowers and plants, this is a very beautiful and inspiring art journal/smash book/notebook to make! Ideas: Seed packets/flower planter information & labels from gardening supplies, photograph or magazine cut-outs of gardens & plants and flowers, sketched, doodled, or painted flowers and plants, plant care tips, favorite flowers/plants, use book pages from an encyclopedia or dictionary related to plants & flowers.

Gratitude Journal – There are just so many things to be thankful for each and every day! Keeping a gratitude journal is an excellent way to never take a moment for granted and to keep looking on the bright side of life. I love finding joy in the simple little things – and so by keeping track of these little things it makes for a great journal to look through again and again! Special events like weddings, big parties, and special celebrations is a great inspiration for a book. For example, for a wedding, you could create a smash book of wedding cards and photographs and little mementos from the day.

A Tribute to Someone Special – This is a great idea for an art journal you would like to give to a friend or special family member as a gift. Create a journal that is a tribute to them – your favorite things you love about them, memories of times together, quotes and sayings and inside jokes, photographs, fill it with their favorite things…ephemera from times you were out together…so many ideas for things you could put into this type of journal and it really would make a special gift!

Dream Journal – Do you keep track of your dreams each night? It will be interesting to do, and you can really learn a lot about yourself and the challenges your subconscious is working through. I keep a dream journal of scribblings of dreams, but I also write down what I think they may mean – and of course make it pretty with lots of drawings, doodles, and color!

Special Event Smash book – Special events like weddings, big parties, special celebrations can be great inspiration for a book. For example, for a wedding, you could create a smash book of wedding cards and photographs and little mementos from the day.

Beach & Sea Theme – I love the beach! And so making a beach inspired journal definitely seems like a great thing to do – especially in the winter or when you wish you could be on vacation. You could get stickers, cut out pictures and phrases, draw or sketch or paint scenes, write out favorite beach quotes and sayings and phrases.

Travel Journal – Speaking of going to the beach, what about other travels and vacations? Save things like maps and other ephemera for art journaling into a book about your travels and memories. Don’t forget photographs or sketches.

Holiday Journal – The winter months are full of holiday cheeriness. You could save so much stuff, from wrapping paper scraps to tags to greeting cards for making your pages with.

Color Theme Book – Pick a color, any color. Or maybe two or three colors…or maybe an entire rainbow assortment of colors! A book of colors is a great way to keep color swatches and palettes together. So many ideas for this one – for example you could cut out textured colored pages from magazines or objects of a certain color or make pages in a circle style surrounding a certain color palette or scheme.

Faces journal – Practice drawing and painting faces in an art journal dedicated to people. You can also collage in different faces or use paper dolls, etc.

Pets/Animals Journal – books and magazines about cats and dogs. Making your own art journal or book around a special pet can become a great keepsake.

I’ve created some funny journals of myself throughout the years. The journal is made from a child’s hardback book and is perfect for my photos. I keep it in my bedroom and share it on occasion for some really good laughs. It’s amazing how we change year after year. I’m becoming my mother!

I started a anything goes journaling class at work and it was a fun time for all. The class helped to created a leisure lunch time period of creative release. We started as follows:

  1. Week 1 – glue pages together to give them a sturdy place to write and embellish. We created our covers for the anything goes journaling.
  2. Week 2 – add embellishments to certain pages. (photos, cards, etc.)
  3. Week 3 – add wording to all pages. (poems, definitions, words, etc.)
  4. Week 4 – complete tasks as needed.

I love to do an anything goes journal with my old photos. I created journals for my friends and family. It makes a perfect gift, treasured for years. Begin to think creatively and start a anything goes journal for yourself.

  • It helps to release stress and clears your mind of all those nagging list of things to get done in a day.
  • It’s great to be able to pick up a journal and start where you left off. I love the colorful art it shows and the wording makes me happy. Sunshine fills my heart!

Have you some wonderful hints to share with bloggers here? I would love to hear from you and can always use extra help. Leave a comment and we’ll all be happy!

Queen Rose

10 steps – Mad Hatter Tea Party


Mad Hatter Tea Party table

Good day my friends! I simply love telling my story of life and adventure. I always look for it. Sometimes my adventure may find me doing just normal trips to work or spending the day with family. My fun adventure is lunching with my Red Hat friends. We have loads to talk about and always fun stories of our  daily lives. I felt the urge to do a big party for my niece, she’s like my own daughter.  After some research and a whole lot of thinking, I decided to have a whimsical “Mad Hatter” tea party. This would be a big undertaking but I think,  I know I can do it!

Our group, Flashy Flamingos, like to dress up in costumes on certain occasions so I feel this is going to be loads of fun and will make the party a success. Ideas kept popping in my head and everyone loved the plan. The characters I picked one by one and then off to find costumes for all. I sought out the internet for ideas for the table placing and party ideas.

Mad Hatter – Whimsical Character checklist

  •  Judi (not sure)
  • Peggy (red queen) red dress for the queen
  • Pam (white queen) white wedding dress for the queen
  • Brandy (Queen of Hearts)
  • Connie (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Tammy & her daughter Morgan (bunny rabbits).
  • Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dom (Colby & Taylor) black beanies, black and white stripe shirts, suspenders, plus black pants (knickers) and shoes.
  • Vera (Cheshire Cat)
  • Contact Emma’s Tea Room to host the party
  • Props for the table and decorations
  • Birthday card for all to sign + gift for the birthday girl

10 Steps to a Mad Hatter Tea Party

  1. I found an authentic Mad Hatter hat on Ebay and purchased it immediately.
  2. I looked through my closet and found funky black shoes and brown pants to wear.  I went to the local thrift store and straight to the men’s section and found a nice light brown coat that would be perfect, after embellishments. I made a bow tie from fabric & a spool necklace to wear.
  3. I bought a hot pink satin dress for the birthday girl.
  4. I found a white wedding dress and a red satin dress that works for the 2 queens.
  5. I purchased a Alice in Wonderland costume from Party City that was perfect.
  6. I found a Queen of Hearts wig at Party City
  7. I bought beanie hats and suspenders at the mall. Colby and Taylor wore black
  8. I made signs and gathered up all kinds of dishes and props for the table.
  9. I ordered a birthday cake (Emma used a cake stand I had (it had lady legs with red shoes)
  10. I contacted my niece’s husband to tell him about the party. He will take pictures/video.

My efforts for everything to go smooth was working. I shopped at local thrift stores and Dollar Tree to find inexpensive items for the table decorations. Staying on track is way to success. I like to make list daily and keep the big picture in mind. I called some of the ladies and we met to see if their costumes would fit. Some alterations had to be sewn to give breathing room. haha  We all pitched in and gave 100% for this party.

The Mad Hatter tea party was a huge success! Our group, Flashy Flamingos, had the time of our lives. My niece was beside herself not believing we all could keep this a secret, especially her husband. We paraded around the restaurant, Emma’s Tea Room, showing off our costumes. All the props, costumes, friends, and planning made this party come to life!


Mad Hatter Tea Party – Birthday Lady

tea party

Emma”s Tea Room

mad hatter queen

Mad Hatter Queen Rose

mad hatter

Mad Hatter Birthday

mad hatter tea party

Red & White queen


alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Twiddle Dee Dom

queen of hearts

Queen of Hearts

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough – Mae West

9 Ways to Let Freedom Ring

Let’s face it, so many people in today’s world have forgotten about traditions and what it means to be FREE. I guess like many of you, I too take it for granted. Let’s all take time out of our day to thank God for all the blessings of life and especially being able to live in a free world to come and go as we please. I am thankful for so many great opportunities in my life and want to challenge all to remember this day, 4th of July 2015, as a day of thankfulness!

Queen Rose Father

Queen Rose Father

  1. Thank your family members that continue to keep our country free.
  2. Say a prayer for all the countries of the world where religious beliefs are not free.
  3. Start a tradition by saying a prayer at the start of your day for freedom and thankfulness.
  4. Buy an American flag and fly it proudly at your home.
  5. Wear red, white, and blue to symbolize American freedom throughout the year.
  6. Celebrate the 4th of July with family and friends, remember what it stands for.
  7. Teach children to respect the day and the American flag.
  8. Participate in 4th of July parades and wave your flag.
  9. Visit a nursing home and thank a Veteran for his service to keep this nation free.

All in all, do your part to keep traditions of the past sacred. Believe in the goodness of the world and praise God for all that we have!

Happy 4th of July, Queen Rose

Touch of Whimsy – Life is real good!

It’s bold colors and a touch of whimsy that I like to paint, draw, scribble or anything that has a pencil, pen, or paint brush as a media of expressing my creativity! I have tried various art forms and like acrylic painting the best. I hope I can jump-start your creativity to a higher level. Keep checking back for ideas and weekly updates. I like to create products, whether paintings or crafts almost every day. I go out into my Queen’s Studio and feel inspired to use my hands in loads of different projects.

How many of my audience have animals that are dear to your family? I’m sure at one time or another we all can relate to a precious puppy or kitty from our past even.  I have a darling kitty, Bootzi. I might try to paint her one day. I think a painting of her would be fun.

For our project, Life is real good!”,  I want to give you some insight about the subject. My niece, Lisa, has 2 dogs that have been apart of her family for the past 10 years or longer. She carries Riley, the Bison, to bed at night and he sleeps at the foot of the bed with her and her husband. Along with Riley, there is another dog, Blank, he is a Heinz 57 variety. Both dogs are well-mannered and fit in with their family lifestyle. They are both getting pretty old and don’t seem to like change.

Knowing how much my niece and husband loves their dogs, I wanted to give them a fun canvas art with a touch of whimsy. Her birthday was the special time to get creative.  I gathered my canvas and brushes and thought about the words I wanted to add for a fun approach. I toyed around with several different sayings before I stumbled uponLife is real good!”

  • I wet my brush and do a quick wipe on my paint rag. I select the colors prior to starting so I dipped my brush in the yellow acrylic paint. I wanted to split the painting up so I used 3/4 of the area.
  • I let the yellow dry and wet my brush a second time to dip it into the blue paint. The colors of yellow and blue are pleasing to the eye.
  • After the acrylic paint dry, I free-handed a tree in brown for the trunk and green topper.

Now it is time to add a touch of whimsy with the drawing of Riley and Blank. I like to free-hand most of my art that way I can cover my mistakes easier. I try to control the area I paint so that I can cover up mistakes quickly (the great thing with acrylic paints, you can control your brush if you add medium ) I don’t use a stencil or graph paper on this canvas because I want it to look fun and silly. I am a master at silly, I’ve been that way all my life.

  • I use my white acrylic paint with small strokes while visually checking out the post on Facebook Lisa sent me. I try to make it realistic but with a touch of whimsy added.
  • I stop to view my project and decide to use colored beanies for the top of the dogs heads. I think it is a fun addition. Plus a quote, “Cheese please”, both dogs love cheese.
  • Painting the larger dog, Blank, I use black acrylic paints for his spots and ears. His face is more defined and harder for me to imagine. You can see the stupid look on his face.
  • I finally decide that I need to add a quote, “Life is real good”, how could it be any better for a dog’s life than to live in the house with my niece, Lisa, and her hubby, Bubba.


Life is good!

Life is good!

Lisa is holding the painting, and showing it to Riley and Blank. She sent this to me and I thought it was adorable. I hope you go away with a small sampling of my art work and maybe even a few laughs along the way. Come back next time  for another story about my art paintings.

Hugs, Queen Rose