Want a She Shed? I got one!

These days all ladies are wanting a She Shed! I am so lucky because I got one. I always had the dream of having a greenhouse, garden shed, a place to develop, write, paint, squander my thoughts and feelings without being disturbed. You have to dream BIG to get what you want in life!

she shed

She Shed

My plans just seemed to appear out of the blue. One day while checking out my friends posts on Facebook, I came across a friend that was an acquaintance at my job. She had moved on to another company and she helped me with some photos I used in my self-published book, “Feel it, believe it, pass it on! The Power of Friendships”. She established a company, 2nd Chance Furniture, and I searched through the site looking for furniture projects she posted. One post related to a pergola she built for another friend. I thought, “wow, she is so talented and I wonder if she could build a small shed for me”. I quickly sent her an email with a quick note stating I would like a small shed if she had time to come to my home and talk about the project. Her response, “Sure, what was I thinking about”, so we began to connect over the next couple of weeks and decided on a date to meet and talk about my wants for the shed.

I love this lady!! She and I connect so well because we both are not afraid to express our thoughts and concerns. My husband joined in and gave some pointers and we scratched out a design featuring old doors and windows. My friend has access to some windows that cost $5 each. I began so excited I could not believe in a million years I could have one. I researched all the bells and whistles that I wanted in my She Shed. I love journaling so I kept a 3 ring binder with quotes from Lowes and Home Depot for supplies I might need. Together we shopped around for supplies to get us started building.

she shed

She shed walls

The days were hot and humid and the building was slow go. My friend had a full-time job and we would work late afternoons and week-ends to do a little at a time. We even had some guys helping, my husband became involved. It seems that after the walls went up, things started to speed up. Especially when the roof was placed it began to look like a real building!

she shed roof

She Shed Roof

The She Shed took a few months to complete walls, roof, siding, windows and doors. My builder was amazing and her grandson also came to help. It was a total fun project working with them and especially my husband helping out.

builder of she shed

She Shed & Builder

The finishing inside took another 6 months but I am happy with the results. I will link up with another post on how to organize your craft area soon. No, I love to have this place I call my Happy Place!! Want to tell me about your plans for a She Shed? They are all the rage these days. Men have their Man Caves so us ladies can have our She Shed’s, don’t you think? Let’s share the fun!

Queen Rose

About Queen Dorishttp://queenstudio.wordpress.comI am a wife, mother, sister, artist, master gardener, interior designer, and Queen of the Red Hat Fabulous Flamingos. I love writing & my book, Feel it, believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships, is available on Amazon. I share advice on art, gardening, home design, and friendship. Let's get this party started!

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