Benefits of Swinging with a Garden Buddy

Gardening is my release of stress and gives me a life-long hobby with exercise benefits. One of my greatest treasures is not my beautiful garden but my garden buddy. I share my love of gardening with her. It gives us both endless conversations when we are in the garden or visiting each other!
Benefits of Swinging with a Garden Buddy

Swing with  Garden Buddy

Swing with Garden Buddy

  • A knowledge base of help when I forget the name or plant, shrub, or tree.
  • Help with landscape plans.
  • Someone to shop with at the local garden center, LowesHome Depot
  • Shares plants from her garden.
  • referrals of garden companies, landscapers, & workers. This can be so helpful when it’s time to weed or dig up a tree.
  • Surprises you with special plants that you can’t find.
  • Shares garden vegetables, tomatoes, etc.
  • Shares food prepared with the harvest of her garden.


My GARDEN BUDDY is Mary. She and her husband  owned a garden center years ago. Did I mention Mary is 86 years young? She is a wealth of knowledge, funny, kind, smart and cooks like the old school. She makes all her pies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, from scratch. I get a sample of those delicious treats too. Mary is one-of-a-kind lady. All those talents, plus, she reads the Bible daily. She is a spiritual inspiration.

My GARDEN BUDDY is a treasure I found right next door!

Mary's Garden

Mary’s Garden


Garden Buddy connects








Please, all comments are welcome, even if you don’t have a GARDEN BUDDY.

Have a great day, Queen Rose

About Queen Dorishttp://queenstudio.wordpress.comI am a wife, mother, sister, artist, master gardener, interior designer, and Queen of the Red Hat Fabulous Flamingos. I love writing & my book, Feel it, believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships, is available on Amazon. I share advice on art, gardening, home design, and friendship. Let's get this party started!

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