Chalk Paint – If it’s to be, It’s Up to Me!

A new farm table requires a new armoire to go with it. At least that’s my way of thinking. Most crafters, artist, and interior decorators today love the outcome of chalk paint. I happen to be among the group. I too, have used it on furniture and feel 100% confident in the results. If I want something then I go after it. My Chalk Paint project is so easy.

 If it’s to be it’s up to me! I learned that lesson years ago.


Armoire Before Chalk Paint

Maison Blank

Maison Blanche Chalk Paint

I’ve painted some small pieces of furniture so I figured it would take some time to complete this one.

I know this job will take time and persistence. But the old saying is prevalent and I know I can do it!

The chalk paint doesn’t require sanding or an undercoat of paint. That’s a real plus.

My favorite shop, University Pickers, is my favorite shop in town. They carry a large quantity of Maison Blanche CHALK PAINT, WAX and soft brushes. Just what I need to get the job done.

  1. I place newspapers around the bottom for drips and spills.
  2. I stir the Maison Blanche CHALK PAINT during the process several times to keep the mixture flowing smooth.
  3. I begin by brushing the paint on the crevices of the armoire and other small areas with my brush.
  4. I paint the armoire with one coat and let it dry overnight. (The first coat will be thin and you can see the wood showing through.
  5. I paint coat #2 and see if the wood tone is covered, there are times a second coat is sufficient. (It is according to the finish you desire. I want mine covered to match my dining room chairs so I paint a third coat.)
  6. When the paint is dry, use 1,000 grit sand paper to give the piece a smooth finish, eliminating any rough paint areas.
  7. I select CLEAR and DARK WAX and alternate the two. I leave more DARK WAX on for a more antique look. (Remember to use a soft cloth and smooth out the WAX after you complete the process)
  8. Clean up is a breeze! The CHALK PAINT washes off with water and the brushes are easy to clean!

Optional – Place a coat of sealer, Polyurethane if you prefer. Here are some hints.

Chalk Paint Project

Chalk Paint Project

The media shows the effects with only 2 coats of paint. Adding the third coat makes a big difference. I painted 3 coats and it took me a few days to dry throughly. The WAX goes on fast and you are able to complete the task within 30-45 minutes. I have to say, this is a typically easy application process. My saying,  If it’s to be it’s up to me! I think you too can make it happen for you. Just tell yourself you can do it!

Please share your thoughts and projects here with me. I love hearing from you. Like my page, rate my project, follow me, or leave a comment. It’s all good!

Until next time, Queen Rose

The Queen has Spoken!

The Queen has Spoken!

The Queen has Spoken!

That’s right, the Queen has Spoken, again! I have to tell you, I picked myself to be Queen of my own life and you can too. I just love the sound of it. Even my fellow workers call me Queen. I am Queen of a Red Hat group, Flashy Flamingos. You can be queen if you decide to!

We are an awesome group of ladies that love being together. We will be celebrating 13 years in 2016. You ask, “how has your group managed to stay together?”  Well, if it’s to be, it’s up to me! That has been my motto for quite some time.

I want to encourage you to “step out of your comfort zone” and start living the life you want to live. Just waiting for it to come to you? That’s not going to happen! I want to share some tips to help you get started to build the dream life, at least the Queen thinks so!

  1. Build a network of people you enjoy being around. Don’t include those that have a negative outlook on life. They will drag you down.
  2. Be cheerful and have a positive attitude! Nothing is worse that being in a group of people. One bad apple can ruin the fun for everyone.
  3. Plan to meet outside of home and work, even if it’s for dessert and coffee. Staying connected with each other will Super Charge your energy.
  4. Find new and interesting places to meet or travel. This is very important to keep life up-beat and full of adventure.
  5. Share your ideas and dreams for the future. This is a good way to understand the person and what their goals are in life.
  6. Let each person share responsiblity for planning. Again, this gives each one power to share their ideas plus give them a sense of self-worth.
  7. Encourage each person to invite others. Having new members will be refreshing and they too can bring new ideas to the table.
  8. Don’t be discouraged if everyone can’t attend. This is one of the most important ideas that have kept us strong and together. We all have times when life happens.
  9. Play like you are young again! Being together with friends  let’s us feel young and alive. We all get bogged down with everyday stress.
  10. Be committed to do your best for the group. If you are in charge of an event give 100% to make it the best you can. Nothing is worse than someone who doesn’t follow through.
Queen Rose & Flashy Flamingos

Queen Rose & Flashy Flamingos

Some fun lunches and cool travel destinations have been the highlight of our group. Some of our lunches include themes. One that comes to mind is when we dressed in authentic Chinese attire to eat at a local Chinese restaurant. The chef cooked our meal right in front of us and we all laughed and had a memory for a life-time. Our travels include some local events, Huntsville Botanical Gardens, an Elvis show at Merrimack Hall, and a lot of the times, lunch at Rosie’s Cantina.

  • Savannah, GA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Franklin, TN
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • New York, NY
  • San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The travel plans are a collaborative effort. So arrangements are agreed  upon and we all stay flexible just in case of any changes. Can you be flexible?

feel it, believe it, Pass it on!

The Power of Friendships

Feel it, Believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships.     I feel you will get some inspiration and laughs along the way.

It’s not about material wealth but the wealth of having good friends to share life with.

This article, The Queen has spoken, will help you on the road to enjoying life like a QUEEN!

Doris aka Queen Rose

Crafting for the Soul!

I came across a study, actually my boss sent it to me, about the effects of crafting and how it can be beneficial to you. I feel it carries a lot of weight when you think about the hours spent on a hobby or business and you get self-absorbed in blocking the world out. I know crafting helps me personally when I feel down, depressed, or otherwise not myself. I hope you will find this article inspiring.

“It’s okay to do your craft, anytime, any day.”the Queen said so!

Some highlights are:

  • Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say it is a good way to increase activities.
  • It may also ease stress, increase happiness by releasing neurotransmitter called dopamine.
  • Leisure activities such as reading and crafting may protect brain from aging, study finds this to be true.


Blingy Pet Carrier!

It’s time for Bootzi’s shots and I had some treats sprinkled in her pet carrier to entice her in.  My kitty hasn’t a clue what is to come but when you add treats she will do anything! I closed the wire door and away we went to the Vet. I looked around the office and everything seemed sterile.  The artist I am, a vision came to me, AGAIN, ha go figure. I’m going to make Bootzi a Blingy Pet Carrier. It will be one-of-a-kind like no other!

I made a list of supplies and began quickly to think about the things I already had to make it blingy. I drove to Dollar General and found just what I needed. The list is quite small but making it blingy can make a huge impact on the pet carrier and the results are amazing!


  • Black Hammered spray paint
  •  jewel stickers
  • a roll of decorative tape

A simple project that can be completed in record time!

Bootzi's Blingy Pet Carrier

Bootzi’s Blingy Pet Carrier

 Bootzi's Blingy Pet Carrier

Bootzi’s Blingy Pet Carrier

I know you will want one for your pet too! It’s a fun project to do for your precious kitty.

Your Blingy Pet Carrier  will be the envy of all pet owners.

Do you want to make a Blingy Pet Carrier for your pet?

Please share with me the photos and supplies you used. I love hearing about your projects!

Doris aka Queen Rose