Changing Seasons has begun

Fall is a time for Changing Seasons! Even if you feel you don’t need to change, a rush of peace comes over me when You see the leaves changing colors or feel the cool morning air upon waking.
The butterflies are loving the butterfly bush and still flutter outside my bedroom window. ​​

Changing Seasons has begun.

​The burning bushes will be turning red soon. The Bird Girl is watching and waiting.

    The purple asters showed their colors 2 weeks ago!

    Changing Seasons has begun.

    I love Fall, Doris

    Fall Season is here!

    Fall season is here!

    Its my favorite time of the year. Leaves turning colors of red, yellow, and green. Trees shedding their robes of summer heat and grasses turn brown and sound “chunchy” from heat and wear of the mover and children’s feet. Fall season is here!

    I am inspired to remember pallets with my sister making Clover necklaces and looking up at the clouds. Some of my creativity was inspiration from the changes of  seasons.

    Memories are what makes life special!

    Thank you Fall Season,