Grandparent, 10 Years of Journalism

That’s right, I wrote in my journal about my grandson’s growing up years. I like to remember the important little things he did, first tooth, first steps, and some of his first words were the beginning of a long history of thoughts that I collected. My love for him is like the grandest feeling in the world!  Occasionally, I began to write down words of joy, laughter, and excitement about his life. I felt like it was giving me a chance to relive the feelings of happiness I felt inside as a grandparent. I kept writing and one day I thought, I will keep writing until…?? Well, after 10 years of journalism seem to fly by. 
grandparents journal

Grandparents 10-year Journal

Grandchildren are life’s greatest treasure! I know lots of people have many of them but with a new-found feeling of joy that overtakes you in the beginning, it’s all about that special one. He is my first and only blood grandson. Having grandkids by my son’s marriage is fantastic! I get to say I have 4 all together. They are precious one by one.


My little Woody at Halloween

Being the dodging grandparent, that would be me, I was able to babysit him every weekend from the age of 2 weeks old. He would come every Friday night to stay while my son and his wife  went out on a date. I really think that is an important part of a marriage. I always welcomed the time I could spend with him. I like to have fun and dressed him up like Woody, one of his favorite characters.

I had a Christmas tree in our bedroom and when he came to visit I turned off all the lights except for the tree and we like to watch The Grinch. I must have watched it over 500 times. Another one of his favorite movies. It was all whimsical and full of fun and laughter!


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The easy way to 10 years of journalism is picking up that journal and jot down just a few short sentences about your grandchild’s life.

  1. Select a journal that is easy to hold and tuck away in your purse if needed.
  2. Select a good writing pen, use the same one day after day. A generic pen that you can change out the ink is best.
  3. Write about special days, birthdays, first day of school, friends, and make these days your easy  entires.
  4. Add photos and awards they have received.
  5. Post a reminder on the refrigerator to “write in your journal”.
  6. School day memories is a great entry to write about. (1st grade all the way to 5th or 6th grade gives many cherriest happenings.)
  7. Entries about report cards and teachers will be good subjects.
  8. Add messages about friends and sleep overs.
  9. Favorite foods, snacks, & drinks.
  10. Favorite Disney movies or cartoons, & television shows.

10 Year Journal

10 year Journal

I love the finished journal and there are times I sit in my stressless recliner and read from it. I’m reminded of the early years but now that my grandson is almost 14, I appreciate the journal more than ever. It took dedication and percifereny to write in it when there are so many things that take over our lives. I just feel it’s one of the best things I have ever done!

You too can give it a try, grandparent, 10 years of journalism is a real-life way to bring your memories into the moment. Begin with just  few lines, maybe one paragraph is all you have time to write. That’s a great place to start.

Let me hear about your progress. I love to connect with grandparents!

Queen Rose

Anything goes Journaling

I believe anything goes journaling is my kind of craft. It allows me to let my thoughts and expressions to have a place to dwell. After all, we are all caught up in this fast pace world of technology. Journaling frees your mind to only dwell on your mind. Clear out the daily hum-drum world and create a journal of thoughts, scribbles, words, pictures, and give it real meaning.

I have a few quick hints that will get you started in the right direction.

  1. Supplies is the first step to create a journal. Select pens (pencils, markers, whatever) that write easily and that you enjoy using. I like BIC colored ink pens, colorful ballpoint, and highlighters. Watercolors add a light touch of color. Acrylic paints with gel medium let paints flow well. I choose my writing utensils based on my mood and on what the journal I’m using can handle (some have thin pages and can only take a ballpoint).You can use gesso & paint to cover the pages before you write. Gesso keeps the paint from seeping into the paper. Stencils, stamps, anything goes journaling.
  2. Embellishments Old pictures, magazine words, song sheets, books, cards, business cards, stamps, computer generated pictures, ribbons, feathers, torn  papers, tickets, parchment paper, newspaper, etc.
journal supplies

Journal Supplies

Journal Topics

Write about work, your wishes, your family, your irritations, your gratitude, your aspirations, your creative work, your travels, your story ideas, your finances, your fears, your relationships…let it all come together just as it does in your daily life.

Garden Journal –Whether you’re an avid gardener or just like to admire beautiful gardens and flowers and plants, this is a very beautiful and inspiring art journal/smash book/notebook to make! Ideas: Seed packets/flower planter information & labels from gardening supplies, photograph or magazine cut-outs of gardens & plants and flowers, sketched, doodled, or painted flowers and plants, plant care tips, favorite flowers/plants, use book pages from an encyclopedia or dictionary related to plants & flowers.

Gratitude Journal – There are just so many things to be thankful for each and every day! Keeping a gratitude journal is an excellent way to never take a moment for granted and to keep looking on the bright side of life. I love finding joy in the simple little things – and so by keeping track of these little things it makes for a great journal to look through again and again! Special events like weddings, big parties, and special celebrations is a great inspiration for a book. For example, for a wedding, you could create a smash book of wedding cards and photographs and little mementos from the day.

A Tribute to Someone Special – This is a great idea for an art journal you would like to give to a friend or special family member as a gift. Create a journal that is a tribute to them – your favorite things you love about them, memories of times together, quotes and sayings and inside jokes, photographs, fill it with their favorite things…ephemera from times you were out together…so many ideas for things you could put into this type of journal and it really would make a special gift!

Dream Journal – Do you keep track of your dreams each night? It will be interesting to do, and you can really learn a lot about yourself and the challenges your subconscious is working through. I keep a dream journal of scribblings of dreams, but I also write down what I think they may mean – and of course make it pretty with lots of drawings, doodles, and color!

Special Event Smash book – Special events like weddings, big parties, special celebrations can be great inspiration for a book. For example, for a wedding, you could create a smash book of wedding cards and photographs and little mementos from the day.

Beach & Sea Theme – I love the beach! And so making a beach inspired journal definitely seems like a great thing to do – especially in the winter or when you wish you could be on vacation. You could get stickers, cut out pictures and phrases, draw or sketch or paint scenes, write out favorite beach quotes and sayings and phrases.

Travel Journal – Speaking of going to the beach, what about other travels and vacations? Save things like maps and other ephemera for art journaling into a book about your travels and memories. Don’t forget photographs or sketches.

Holiday Journal – The winter months are full of holiday cheeriness. You could save so much stuff, from wrapping paper scraps to tags to greeting cards for making your pages with.

Color Theme Book – Pick a color, any color. Or maybe two or three colors…or maybe an entire rainbow assortment of colors! A book of colors is a great way to keep color swatches and palettes together. So many ideas for this one – for example you could cut out textured colored pages from magazines or objects of a certain color or make pages in a circle style surrounding a certain color palette or scheme.

Faces journal – Practice drawing and painting faces in an art journal dedicated to people. You can also collage in different faces or use paper dolls, etc.

Pets/Animals Journal – books and magazines about cats and dogs. Making your own art journal or book around a special pet can become a great keepsake.

I’ve created some funny journals of myself throughout the years. The journal is made from a child’s hardback book and is perfect for my photos. I keep it in my bedroom and share it on occasion for some really good laughs. It’s amazing how we change year after year. I’m becoming my mother!

I started a anything goes journaling class at work and it was a fun time for all. The class helped to created a leisure lunch time period of creative release. We started as follows:

  1. Week 1 – glue pages together to give them a sturdy place to write and embellish. We created our covers for the anything goes journaling.
  2. Week 2 – add embellishments to certain pages. (photos, cards, etc.)
  3. Week 3 – add wording to all pages. (poems, definitions, words, etc.)
  4. Week 4 – complete tasks as needed.

I love to do an anything goes journal with my old photos. I created journals for my friends and family. It makes a perfect gift, treasured for years. Begin to think creatively and start a anything goes journal for yourself.

  • It helps to release stress and clears your mind of all those nagging list of things to get done in a day.
  • It’s great to be able to pick up a journal and start where you left off. I love the colorful art it shows and the wording makes me happy. Sunshine fills my heart!

Have you some wonderful hints to share with bloggers here? I would love to hear from you and can always use extra help. Leave a comment and we’ll all be happy!

Queen Rose