Queen and King Sweet Rides

Many years ago my husband rode his motorcycle to work and for fun. There were times he drove the Harley even in the death of winter. Johnny loves the rumbling sound that comes out of those tailpipes. It became a familiar sound even to our children. All through our married life, Johnny has been into motorcycles and cars. I couldn’t tell you how many he has owned. I bet he would have a hard time remembering too. Boys and their toys. I can’t complain because I have my toys too. All those “sweet rides” were a big part of our lives. I even learned to drive on a 1957 black and white Chevrolet.

Harley man

The Queen loves her Harley man!

Once when he was driving his Honda Goldwing, bright gold, go figure, he even raced automobiles with high rates of speed. I remember beating him on the back to slow down as my sunglasses flew in the wind. He was young and fearless in those days. He still has that twinkle in his eye at the age of 74. I must admit, that even intrigues me today.

My Harley man loves to ride and one trip was about 350 miles to Gatlinburg, Tennessee during October. The chill factor around 32 degrees but later the sun warmed us. I had a chance to wear my skeleton mask which I borrowed from our son. Our son is a Harley man, his “sweet ride” is a red chopper with the extended handlebars. On our trip with, our good friends, Carolyn and John, we rode the Tail of the Dragon.  The ride was full of winding roads and sharp curves that usually make me sick but not this time. I remembered to take Bonne for motion sickness. I even bought a shirt at the gift shop and love the decal on the back. It was a great memory.

Skeleton mask

Queen Rose skeleton mask

Everyone laughs at the picture of me with my skeleton mask on. I tell you it was a life-saver. The wind at 32 degrees is pretty chilly. My leather chaps and jacket with scarf and gloves kept me toasty. Although it was hard to get on and off the Harley with so many clothes on. My big black boots made me feel like a robot. I wouldn’t change a think about that trip, I love it!

Several sunny mornings we will take a wild hair and decide to jump on our Harley and ride with a local chapter, Crocked Riders, to a close by destination and have lunch and ride again. Many of the riders are up in age and we enjoy meeting up and having friends to ride with. It’s a great way to meet new people and let out some stress.

When we feel like riding , but not on the Harley, we take the other “sweet ride” the Corvette for a spin. Many times we drive through the scenic roads of Guntersville State Park and enjoy the nature. We say it looks like Gatlinburg and it makes us happy. My man has always had a Corvette to drive. Oh, back in the day he drove an old Mercury and a 1957 Chevrolet. We have good times with all the cars and even dune buggies we’ve owned. Life is good!

King's Corvette

The King’s Corvette

Unbelievable I know, but I enjoy the carefree way I feel on the back of the Harley with the sun beaming down and my hair blowing in the wind. Once my head was banging against my husbands helmet and we had to stop at a roadside picnic table and let me stretch out for a short time. They all laughed at me but little did I care. I was happy, relaxed, and having a super fun day.

Those “sweet rides” were always great memories and we still enjoy my husbands new 2014 Harley today.

Hope you enjoyed my tale

Doris Campbell

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