Queen’s Jewels & Things

I love jewelry! I think it’s like my garden or maybe even my shoes, I have one of everything, every color, every style. Accessories are my weakness.  I have a suitcase full of scarves, gloves, winter wear. Am I obsessive? Maybe you can say that. I love how jewelry perks up a wardrobe and I like the bohemian life style so that means lots of jewelry. I have various divided jewel boxes to keep my jewels in but love the idea to showcase them on a board for all to see. It gives the room a fun, whimsical feeling!

I also have loads of jewelry supplies and tools to repair and remake earrings and necklaces. After a few years, I gave away almost all of my beads to my niece that loves jewelry too. I am not a horder but probably come close if you could see my jewel collection.

The Queens Jewels need a special place to in my dressing room so I came up with several ideas before I committed to my diy project. I stopped by my local thrift store, University Pickers, and found a louvered door painted white, shabby chic overall look.  The louvered door size is about 24″ tall and I knew I could do some embellishments to make it special.

  • I painted the louver with red and teal chalk paint. Mainly dry brushing the louver is what I prefer.
  • I then use the dark wax to coat the louver entirely and then wipe off any excess.
  • I use small nails hammered on the door and on the very top.
  • I picked out a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry and hung them in a special arrangement.
queen jewels

Queen’s Jewels

Quickly I realize this was a 1 out of 10 easy diy project that anyone can do. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to complete. I am proud of the addition to my dressing room and hope to complete other easy projects like this one. I will share more as time goes by and would like to invite you to try one yourself. Just like clothes, I like the one-of-a-kind look.

Do you have a project that is easy to complete? If so, post it here and let us hear from you via comments or a link to your project.

Thanks for stopping by, Queen Rose

About Queen Dorishttp://queenstudio.wordpress.comI am a wife, mother, sister, artist, master gardener, interior designer, and Queen of the Red Hat Fabulous Flamingos. I love writing & my book, Feel it, believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships, is available on Amazon. I share advice on art, gardening, home design, and friendship. Let's get this party started!

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