Sunshine in my Soul today!!

I know, you’ve heard the saying before.

Sunshine in my Soul today!

I want to share my sunshine and it’s because at the ripe age of soon-to-be 72, I made a decision to retire! It’s with mixed feelings and emotions but I know it is what I need to do. My life has been filled with friends and family that want the best for me. I think God is pleased with my decision. I talk to him daily for guidance and inspiration and through my prayers I know God is listening. I guess many of you don’t understand that life but it’s one that’s given me peace and happiness.

I look forward to spending quite moments in my hammock reflecting on the pass and planning the future. My husband and I need this time to travel and enjoy the later years of our marriage. I want to enjoy the days of sleeping late, eating when I’m hungry, and napping on rainy days when I can’t be outside.

I look forward to spending time with my family and laughing about silly things. My friends will fill my days of fun and adventure too. They have always been my inspiration.

Life is full of sunshine and it’s in my soul today!


Make 2016 A New Beginning

Many of us start to make New Year resolutions about this time each year. 2016 will begin about the same for many people. Do you want 2016 to be the same? Make 2016  A New Beginning for your resolution!

It can be if you believe. You ask, what are you talking about? I want to pass it on to you. I too make New Year resolutions but the best one I made was to follow Jesus.

Jesus is my go-to when I am feeling sad or need a friend.  Jesus is always available any time day or night. Read your bible and know you can obtain peace.

I like to hear Joel Osteen and see how he adds positive life stories to give us his positive message. He inspired me to heights I never dreamed I could accomplish. God speaks to him and I listen.

The best gift ever given was Jesus coming to this earth and walking among the people and teaching by his example. Jesus died for you and me. He can take away your heartache when everything else fails.

bible-706662_1920Take time to figure out where you will spend eternity. We can’t predict the day we will die. If you don’t make a decision you will be lost when Jesus comes again. Make a wise decision and know it’s the best decision of your life.

A New Beginning can help you in every situation you face. I beg you do it before it’s too late. God has a plan for you. He knows your heart and he will enrich your life and give you peace. You can have the assurance of a home eternally.

I hope my message will inspire you to make a New Beginning, Doris

Is Santa Real or Make Believe?

What do you think? Is Santa real or make believe. My idea is that Santa lives in your heart. The way you are raised plays a big part of how you live your life and teach your children. Many times we play the part of keeping Santa alive for our children’s sake. But what about you when the children are no longer your focus?

I believe you need to follow your heart. Some of you say it’s too much trouble to shop and buy gifts for others. Keep in mind, it’s not the gift but it’s the thought that counts.

I met a sweet lady while in the eye doctor and she summed it up. She was the ripe age of 83. She told me she had one son but he worked a lot of hours and wouldn’t be coming to visit her during the holidays. She said ahe wished there were no holidays. Why? Because she had no family to share it with. It was just another day of living alone. Her neighbors and her church were her extended family. Her life seemed very lonely.

I tried to cheer her and explain the holiday feeling was inside our hearts. She could put up some decorations, listen to some Christmas songs and maybe that would help her feel cheerful during the holiday times. After a while, she did say she was going to bake some cookies for her neighbor. I told her that was a good thing.

Meet me under the mistletoe

Meet me under the mistletoe

I want to encourage each person to think about someone to share the holiday with. Not only family but those elderly people that need cheering up. I know we all are so busy in our daily lives with work and family but someone is hurting and longing for a visit from Santa.

Do you think Santa is real or make believe? Let your heart start believing and make an effort to cheer someone this holiday. You might become Santa in their heart and yours.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas

Queen Rose aka Doris