Inspired by Friendship

It’s rare to meet radiant personalities but I feel I can brag about my new friend during my trip to San Miguel. Radiant in the sense of loving life and living it to the fullest. I was Inspired by Friendship and enthused to tell you about the dream.


Days in San Miguel, 2016

Updates from my previous posts, I’m Waiting with Excitement!, brings joy and happiness with words from myself and my gal friends that shared the Days in San Miguel,2016. Let the fun begin!




Change Your World with Friendship and Kindness


Feel it, believe it, Pass it on!

   The Power of Friendships

Ladies, are you in a hum-drum world of stress and boredom? It’s time to change your world with friendship and kindness. I want to help you along the way. My book, Feel it, Believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships is a moving, funny collection of girlfriends having fun. If you think it’s something for you, read on!

The Queen has a life-map of joy and happiness.

The Power of Friendships is sure to enrich your soul.

All women are in search of lasting relationships that rejuvenate their lives with fun and laughter.

  • Let yourself enjoy the right to have fun.
  • Listen to your heart.
  • Put yourself first for a change.
  • Dream in color.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Travel to far away places even if it is in your mind.
  • Wear colors that make you happy.
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Carry sunshine wherever you go. Let your light shine.
  • Invite others to join your crusade.
  • Enhance your wardrobe with bling bling.
  • Listen to your heart and follow your dreams.
  • But most of all pass it on to everyone you meet!
Queen Rose book signing

Queen Rose book signing

Queen Rose is a student of the human condition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. These pages are a blank canvas on which to draw from a talent heralded by many and matched only by the imagination that rises to the task. 

Please feel free to contact me and let’s discuss ways to help you Change Your World with friendship and kindness! I welcomed a change and it blessed so many of my girlfriends lives. Yes, we joined the Red Hat Society and found what we were looking for.

Our first years, 2002, we met monthly and it was always fun and exciting. We met the queen of the Red Hat Society, Sue Ellen Cooper, at Opryland Hotel and danced with 2,000 ladies dressed in purple and pink with red boas flying around. I heard later the feathers stopped up their vents to the air-conditioner system. Now that is a sight to visualize.

Trolly Ride to Wild Horse Saloon with Red Hats Sistas

Trolly Ride to Wild Horse Saloon with Red Hats Sistas

Luncheons, parties, and travels began for our group and we became a family. Our group is still meeting and enjoying the times we are together to share family stories and events. It’s been 13 years and we are still going strong. I can bet your life will be enriched and you can change your world with friendship and kindness! Join the change for an exciting life.

Doris aka Queen Rose

Self Publishing Part 1

I Think I Can

I Think I Can!


Self Publishing is our topic and I am sharing my experience and with all who keep reading.

Maybe you think you will never be able to gather all the research needed. Sometimes it crosses your mind but maybe you don’t have the confidence to forge ahead. It is a over-whelming task unless you take it step-by-step. Begin to rethink the idea. Tell yourself, “I Think I Can self publish.”  I’m here to help you begin. Many other bloggers have excellent blogs with information that can get you on your way.  I’ve been in your shoes. I learn to focus on step 1 and it taught me to realize my potential. Now I want to pass it on!

Steps to consider prior to Self Publishing Part 1:

  1. Do you have a story to tell that will give the reader pleasure?

  2. Are you aware of costs involved to self publish your book?

  3. Will you give your time to make your dream come true?

If you answered yes to these three questions go to Part 1.

Quick Notes

  • Find a room or hide away where you can write and be free from distractions.

  • Purchase a journal or notebook and special pen. ( maybe a pencil is the best choice)

  • Make sure you have good lighting for long periods of writing.

  • Keep a note pad on your night stand. Thoughts come to you when your mind is going over the events of the day.

Self Publishing Part 1

Several ideas come to mind to help you get started. Start research on self-publishing and especially for a rebuttal self-publishing company. There are many companies to choose from with various plans available to help you throughout the process. With so many available, you need to view their credentials and background before you decide. My choice was Outskirts Press  . I know Amazon and others now are in the business too. All it takes is research, research

  1. Begin to write your story with either the use of pen and paper. You might want to use a feature on the internet also.

  2. If you are writing your memories then talk with family members to get their perspective on relatives and events.

  3. A title is very important part of your book. Just think about a catchy phrase to lure your readers. It can wait for you to discover one that fits your . If you have one selected, I suggest you request a copy right to secure it from being used by another author.

  4. Research the internet for a self publishing company to handle your writings. This is an important step and please do read the fine print. You want to own publishing rights!

  5. Engage an illustrator to produce your images and front cover. (You may want to use selections pre-made with your publisher)

  6. Look for photographs or images that speak to you and convey your message.

  7. Make a list of your chapters to be included in your Contents page.

  8. Research images and photographs for your book. Gather some old and new and maybe even some funny ones to give your book humor.

A Self Publishing Company is a great choice on your way to become an author.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog and the second part will be featured in my blog next week. Keep trying to follow your dreams and believe in yourself. I know you too will begin to say,

“Self Publishing is for me!”

Keep your dream alive! Doris

Looking for Art in all the Right Places

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

Who would have thought it? I fell in love with Mexico after traveling there 3 times and another trip planned for 2016. I am thrilled that my path has led me to a place filled with joy and interesting people. I love the Mexican culture. Smiling faces, strolling Maracihi bands, and parades. I don’t know the language very well but like a crazy lady, (that’s me) I just add a “O” at the end of my words. That’s me, crazy lady that’s right, trying to have fun in this life and making sure I get all the laughter and adventures I can.

Check out this for more about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Fun in San Miguel del Alende,Mexico

Fun in San Miguel del Allende,Mexico

My past trips to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico brought joy to my life! My husband, friends and I spent 6 weeks in the town roaming around and finding quaint little shops and eateries. Wow, the food is more than fabulous. Fresh fruits, ice cream, tacos, and even carrot cake in Mexico. The corners of town are filled with little stations of families selling their staples. I love the corner ice cream shop selling raspberry, it’s my friends favorite. Fresh fruits and pears so large you have to save part of it for later. Gosh, it’s all grown there and mostly free from pesticides.

Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead by Queen Rose

Looking for art in San Miguel is what drives me back to that beautiful place. San Miguel artist are on every street. Small out-of-the-way spaces that seem to draw you in. Colorful pieces of Mexican history are there for the viewing. Day of the Dead figurines, burros, straw hats, talavera plates, cups, and many other items.  I found a love for the Day of the Dead art (I painted a canvas as a memory) and painted a few canvas paintings for myself and for sale.

Check out my blog post, The Queen’s Art Inspiration for more details on art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

“Looking for art in all the right places”

Queen looking for Mexican trinkets

Queen looking for Mexican Art & trinkets

I especially like the silver and various stones sold in the silver shops. Our last trip I bought several opals and found a jeweler that let me design my ring and bracelet. He could make them and have them ready within 2 days. It is amazing!


We participated in a Mexican ritual Cascarones Day involves decorating eggs and when the signal is given the object is to run around “smashing” the eggs on your friends head! (the eggs are filled with glitter, etc) I know, it was really crazy. You can buy the eggs from the local children and families and when night falls someone signals the time and everyone starts cracking the cascarones (in their hand) over someone’s head. The Mexican tradition is good luck to have a cascarone crack over your head is an honor. My girlfriend that traveled with us had a blast. She just ran around everywhere smashing eggs on anyone in sight. We had a really fun time. Some of our clothes didn’t survive that night. It was all worth a few minutes of laughter.

My favorite time spent in Mexico is relaxing in the 85 degree year round weather. We bask in the sunshine and drank margaritas whenever possible. The only problem with Mexican tequila is it is VERY strong! Beware of that if you decide to travel there. Ice would not weaken the taste and the drinks were 90% tequila and 10% triple sec and lime. Too many of them and you will be dancing in the Jardin.(that’s what we did) The Jardin is a gathering place for tourists and Mexican families during the day and night. The Mariachi bands play and it invites you to sit and linger for a while.

My next trip is January 2016 for 2 weeks. Yeh Haw! Traveling with my husband and 2 friends will be over the top fun. We will be celebrating a milestone birthday (2 of us) and looking for art in the streets of San Miguel de Allende Looking for art in all the right places!

Hasta la vista, Doris aka Queen Rose

Queen Rose

Queen Rose

Want a She Shed? I got one!

These days all ladies are wanting a She Shed! I am so lucky because I got one. I always had the dream of having a greenhouse, garden shed, a place to develop, write, paint, squander my thoughts and feelings without being disturbed. You have to dream BIG to get what you want in life!

she shed

She Shed

My plans just seemed to appear out of the blue. One day while checking out my friends posts on Facebook, I came across a friend that was an acquaintance at my job. She had moved on to another company and she helped me with some photos I used in my self-published book, “Feel it, believe it, pass it on! The Power of Friendships”. She established a company, 2nd Chance Furniture, and I searched through the site looking for furniture projects she posted. One post related to a pergola she built for another friend. I thought, “wow, she is so talented and I wonder if she could build a small shed for me”. I quickly sent her an email with a quick note stating I would like a small shed if she had time to come to my home and talk about the project. Her response, “Sure, what was I thinking about”, so we began to connect over the next couple of weeks and decided on a date to meet and talk about my wants for the shed.

I love this lady!! She and I connect so well because we both are not afraid to express our thoughts and concerns. My husband joined in and gave some pointers and we scratched out a design featuring old doors and windows. My friend has access to some windows that cost $5 each. I began so excited I could not believe in a million years I could have one. I researched all the bells and whistles that I wanted in my She Shed. I love journaling so I kept a 3 ring binder with quotes from Lowes and Home Depot for supplies I might need. Together we shopped around for supplies to get us started building.

she shed

She shed walls

The days were hot and humid and the building was slow go. My friend had a full-time job and we would work late afternoons and week-ends to do a little at a time. We even had some guys helping, my husband became involved. It seems that after the walls went up, things started to speed up. Especially when the roof was placed it began to look like a real building!

she shed roof

She Shed Roof

The She Shed took a few months to complete walls, roof, siding, windows and doors. My builder was amazing and her grandson also came to help. It was a total fun project working with them and especially my husband helping out.

builder of she shed

She Shed & Builder

The finishing inside took another 6 months but I am happy with the results. I will link up with another post on how to organize your craft area soon. No, I love to have this place I call my Happy Place!! Want to tell me about your plans for a She Shed? They are all the rage these days. Men have their Man Caves so us ladies can have our She Shed’s, don’t you think? Let’s share the fun!

Queen Rose

10 steps – Mad Hatter Tea Party


Mad Hatter Tea Party table

Good day my friends! I simply love telling my story of life and adventure. I always look for it. Sometimes my adventure may find me doing just normal trips to work or spending the day with family. My fun adventure is lunching with my Red Hat friends. We have loads to talk about and always fun stories of our  daily lives. I felt the urge to do a big party for my niece, she’s like my own daughter.  After some research and a whole lot of thinking, I decided to have a whimsical “Mad Hatter” tea party. This would be a big undertaking but I think,  I know I can do it!

Our group, Flashy Flamingos, like to dress up in costumes on certain occasions so I feel this is going to be loads of fun and will make the party a success. Ideas kept popping in my head and everyone loved the plan. The characters I picked one by one and then off to find costumes for all. I sought out the internet for ideas for the table placing and party ideas.

Mad Hatter – Whimsical Character checklist

  •  Judi (not sure)
  • Peggy (red queen) red dress for the queen
  • Pam (white queen) white wedding dress for the queen
  • Brandy (Queen of Hearts)
  • Connie (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Tammy & her daughter Morgan (bunny rabbits).
  • Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dom (Colby & Taylor) black beanies, black and white stripe shirts, suspenders, plus black pants (knickers) and shoes.
  • Vera (Cheshire Cat)
  • Contact Emma’s Tea Room to host the party
  • Props for the table and decorations
  • Birthday card for all to sign + gift for the birthday girl

10 Steps to a Mad Hatter Tea Party

  1. I found an authentic Mad Hatter hat on Ebay and purchased it immediately.
  2. I looked through my closet and found funky black shoes and brown pants to wear.  I went to the local thrift store and straight to the men’s section and found a nice light brown coat that would be perfect, after embellishments. I made a bow tie from fabric & a spool necklace to wear.
  3. I bought a hot pink satin dress for the birthday girl.
  4. I found a white wedding dress and a red satin dress that works for the 2 queens.
  5. I purchased a Alice in Wonderland costume from Party City that was perfect.
  6. I found a Queen of Hearts wig at Party City
  7. I bought beanie hats and suspenders at the mall. Colby and Taylor wore black
  8. I made signs and gathered up all kinds of dishes and props for the table.
  9. I ordered a birthday cake (Emma used a cake stand I had (it had lady legs with red shoes)
  10. I contacted my niece’s husband to tell him about the party. He will take pictures/video.

My efforts for everything to go smooth was working. I shopped at local thrift stores and Dollar Tree to find inexpensive items for the table decorations. Staying on track is way to success. I like to make list daily and keep the big picture in mind. I called some of the ladies and we met to see if their costumes would fit. Some alterations had to be sewn to give breathing room. haha  We all pitched in and gave 100% for this party.

The Mad Hatter tea party was a huge success! Our group, Flashy Flamingos, had the time of our lives. My niece was beside herself not believing we all could keep this a secret, especially her husband. We paraded around the restaurant, Emma’s Tea Room, showing off our costumes. All the props, costumes, friends, and planning made this party come to life!


Mad Hatter Tea Party – Birthday Lady

tea party

Emma”s Tea Room

mad hatter queen

Mad Hatter Queen Rose

mad hatter

Mad Hatter Birthday

mad hatter tea party

Red & White queen


alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Twiddle Dee Dom

queen of hearts

Queen of Hearts

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough – Mae West

Feel it, Believe it, Pass it on!

I love to write! I guess you could say it’s been in my blood from an early age. I like to keep lists and starting writing down my thoughts  when I used my writing as a stress release. Writing helps me to keep focused on the big picture of life. Feel it, Believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships helps to keep me focused on the big picture!

In 2001 I started a Red Hat group of friends to meet and greet monthly so that we could share our life stories. Of course, I named myself Queen of the Flashy Flamingos. My friends were so excited to have a group to belong to and our group activities include lunch, conventions, and travel. We travel to fun places like Nashville, Atlanta, Savannah, Las Vegas and even San Miguel, Mexico.

Queen Rose & Flashy Flamingos

Queen Rose & Flashy Flamingos

I began thinking of ideas for a book and worked endlessly for 6 years accumulating articles, papers, quotes, and an illustrator. I self-published with New York Institution Arts & Design and the end results were amazing. It challenged  me to be a self-published writer.

My published book, Feel it, Believe it, Pass it on!  The Power of Friendships, is available in paperback, e-book file, and kindle. My pen name is Queen Rose Flamingo.  is available at Amazon , Barnes and Noble , or Outskirts Press, Inc .  If you would like to purchase directly, please fill out the request.

feel it, believe it, Pass it on!

The Power of Friendships

Do you have a story about friendships to share? We all have a story to tell mine is full of laughter. Reply with some fun stories of your friends. I still have more to share!

Have a great day and keep reading! Queen Rose