Choosing a life of passion is simply living a life that’s structured. Having the courage to harness your energy and igniting others to follow their dreams is rewarding.

When the spirit is full of passion, a life of happiness and fulfillment will keep you satisfied for a lifetime. You grow daily by doing the things that move your spirit and keep you focused on the big picture.

Choosing your passion gives you a sense of not going  through your daily pace of life day after day with no goal in mind except to get through the day. Life can be pretty boring at times especially without challenging yourself to reach for the unknown and going to the limits of your ability.

Go ahead, Your Passion can Fire your Spirit in ways you never dreamed of! Set about to discover the inner you. Your soul will be happy and your inner peace will come to light up your life.

I believe!


Sunshine in my Soul today!!

I know, you’ve heard the saying before.

Sunshine in my Soul today!

I want to share my sunshine and it’s because at the ripe age of soon-to-be 72, I made a decision to retire! It’s with mixed feelings and emotions but I know it is what I need to do. My life has been filled with friends and family that want the best for me. I think God is pleased with my decision. I talk to him daily for guidance and inspiration and through my prayers I know God is listening. I guess many of you don’t understand that life but it’s one that’s given me peace and happiness.

I look forward to spending quite moments in my hammock reflecting on the pass and planning the future. My husband and I need this time to travel and enjoy the later years of our marriage. I want to enjoy the days of sleeping late, eating when I’m hungry, and napping on rainy days when I can’t be outside.

I look forward to spending time with my family and laughing about silly things. My friends will fill my days of fun and adventure too. They have always been my inspiration.

Life is full of sunshine and it’s in my soul today!