Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book


My Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book is coming along great. I’ve been thinking about what I like to color and now to focus on what will inspire other. I’m thinking special events, holidays, and word catchy ideas.

I’ve finished most of the drawings and now to start some embellishments to give the drawings a unique flair. I want my Whimsical Art Queen Coloring Book to inspire the use of bold colors.



I feel creativity is the key to seeing beyond the page and add the artist touch to my drawings. I am more of a Pop Art artist and that gives me an edge to almost child-like coloring pages. I have researched some of the coloring books and the dark areas of most pages don’t appeal to me. My idea is to give my book art for framing or place on their walls to bring joy. I’m dreaming this would be the ultimate reward.

My Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book is a work in progress but it’s full-filling my need as an artist. I love color and drawing from that I can visualize the pages. Come back soon and even give me advice, I welcome it.

Artist in training,


Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Pages 2

Feeling blessed and happy with a vacation coming next week! It will be relaxing and fun with our family together and enjoying the white sand beaches of Destin, Florida. My plan is to sit on the beach and dream of getting my Whimsical Art Queen Studio Coloring Book plan of action complete.

flocks of flamingo
flocks of flamingos encourage relaxation for me….


50 Ways to Stay Married

Friends in Mexico

                    Friends in Mexico

Enjoy the ride!

                      Enjoy the ride!

Yes, I’m writing about the notion that marriages can work even after 50+years.

I am one of the small number of women who still believe marriage is sacred. I have tried many things and many things did not work, at least with my marriage. So maybe some on the list of  50Ways to Stay Married will give you some ideas. Some of them work for me maybe they can work for you!


  1. Use words that are positive and rewarding to your mate. I know there are times you have to let them have it, but remember, you can’t take back words said in haste.
  2. Tell others how special your mate it and what he means to you. The worse thing you can do is bad-mouth your spouse to others, especially to your children.
  3. Make his lunch and place a note of love inside.
  4. Make his favorite meal now and then.
  5. Include his family when holidays roll around.
  6. Try not to offend him with hurtful words about his in-laws. There will definitely be times that you will need to talk it out but keep it to a minimum.
  7. Set aside time for a weekly date. It can be a dinner date, movie, or just a walk in the park.
  8. Ask him how his day went and listen attentively.
  9. Stay in tune with his health and how he is feeling on a daily basis.
  10. Offer to make doctor or dental appointments as needed.
  11. Find hobbies you both can enjoy. Example; football, camping, water sports.
  12. Buy his favorite snacks and drinks.
  13. Bake his favorite cake or cookies.
  14. Snuggle with him when he’s cold.
  15. Kiss him good night, every night.
  16. Laugh at his jokes even when you don’t find them amusing.
  17. Be able to do some of the home chores without his help.
  18. Join him at a local church service. This will help to build a strong foundation.
  19. Always remember birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with a card.
  20. Offer to go with him on a business trip, if you can.
  21. Start each day on a positive note. Tell him you love him!
  22. Prepare food for his parents when they are sick.
  23. Ask his friends over for dinner parties.
  24. Take a vacation where he likes to go.
  25. Pick up his dirty clothes without complaining. Yes, he could be leaving them on his girlfriends bedroom floor.
  26. Bake a food item for him to take to his holiday party. You will get rave reviews.
  27. Ask the kids to honor their father by saying, “yes sir and no sir.”
  28. Keep the kids quite when he’s watching the game! Most important, it’s his time and they need to watch or go to their room.
  29. Dress with attire that is appropriate and makes him feel honored.
  30. Limit your girlfriend phone calls to minimum. Husbands tend to get irritated when you stay on the phone too much.
  31. Rub his back when he’s had a hard day.
  32. Focus on his needs before yours. Be available for his sexual needs. There may come a time when he will get what they need somewhere else.
  33. Don’t interrupt his attitude, he may need nourishment. He may just need to unwind from a hard day. I find this to be true many times!
  34. Speak softly and do not show anger when things don’t go your way. Compromise!
  35. Treat your husband with respect. The same will come back to you.
  36. Set aside a time to reflect on your day and talk out issues that are troubling you both.
  37. No name calling! This only hurts him and will come back to hurt you in the long run.
  38. Appreciate his hobbies. This can free time for you to do the things you enjoy.
  39. Welcome times that he wants to go off with his buddies. We all need time with our friends.
  40. Be willing to hand over the remote. This is not an easy task. Maybe think about sharing or even buying a TV for the bedroom.
  41. Keep your car clean. Guys hate dirty cars with all kinds of “stuff” thrown around the inside.
  42. The man is head of the house. Let him believe it even if you have to take the lead at times.
  43. Remain faithful until death do us part. God has joined you as one.
  44. Above all else, keep yourself healthy and desirable.
  45. Keep the house clean and tidy.
  46. Have dinner prepared or at least a plan when he comes home from work. You will win brownie points for this one!
  47. Don’t spend the day in your pj’s even if it’s the weekend. Guys like their ladies to look their best.
  48. Money issues will arise. Have an open mind when he complains about your shopping habits.
  49. Make a list of chores you need help with and present it to him. Let him pick one’s he feels comfortable doing.
  50. Always, always expect to give the best and the best is what you will get in return!

Keep in mind that you and your spouse will always have disagreements. The thing to keep in mind is that you were attracted to each other for many reasons. Look deep into your heart and ask yourself, “Am I willing to endure the little struggles of life in order to have a wonderful life?”

Let me hear from you. I know there a more ways to love and keep your spouse happy. You have to realize know too marriages are alike. You set the pattern when you say I DO. Start today and reclaim your marriage. It’s a daily work in progress but it can happen if you want it to.

I’m hoping 50 WAYS TO STAY MARRIED will give you ideas to get you on your way to a marriage God holds sacred!

In Christian love, Doris

The Queen has Spoken!

The Queen has Spoken!

The Queen has Spoken!

That’s right, the Queen has Spoken, again! I have to tell you, I picked myself to be Queen of my own life and you can too. I just love the sound of it. Even my fellow workers call me Queen. I am Queen of a Red Hat group, Flashy Flamingos. You can be queen if you decide to!

We are an awesome group of ladies that love being together. We will be celebrating 13 years in 2016. You ask, “how has your group managed to stay together?”  Well, if it’s to be, it’s up to me! That has been my motto for quite some time.

I want to encourage you to “step out of your comfort zone” and start living the life you want to live. Just waiting for it to come to you? That’s not going to happen! I want to share some tips to help you get started to build the dream life, at least the Queen thinks so!

  1. Build a network of people you enjoy being around. Don’t include those that have a negative outlook on life. They will drag you down.
  2. Be cheerful and have a positive attitude! Nothing is worse that being in a group of people. One bad apple can ruin the fun for everyone.
  3. Plan to meet outside of home and work, even if it’s for dessert and coffee. Staying connected with each other will Super Charge your energy.
  4. Find new and interesting places to meet or travel. This is very important to keep life up-beat and full of adventure.
  5. Share your ideas and dreams for the future. This is a good way to understand the person and what their goals are in life.
  6. Let each person share responsiblity for planning. Again, this gives each one power to share their ideas plus give them a sense of self-worth.
  7. Encourage each person to invite others. Having new members will be refreshing and they too can bring new ideas to the table.
  8. Don’t be discouraged if everyone can’t attend. This is one of the most important ideas that have kept us strong and together. We all have times when life happens.
  9. Play like you are young again! Being together with friends  let’s us feel young and alive. We all get bogged down with everyday stress.
  10. Be committed to do your best for the group. If you are in charge of an event give 100% to make it the best you can. Nothing is worse than someone who doesn’t follow through.
Queen Rose & Flashy Flamingos

Queen Rose & Flashy Flamingos

Some fun lunches and cool travel destinations have been the highlight of our group. Some of our lunches include themes. One that comes to mind is when we dressed in authentic Chinese attire to eat at a local Chinese restaurant. The chef cooked our meal right in front of us and we all laughed and had a memory for a life-time. Our travels include some local events, Huntsville Botanical Gardens, an Elvis show at Merrimack Hall, and a lot of the times, lunch at Rosie’s Cantina.

  • Savannah, GA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Franklin, TN
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • New York, NY
  • San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

The travel plans are a collaborative effort. So arrangements are agreed  upon and we all stay flexible just in case of any changes. Can you be flexible?

feel it, believe it, Pass it on!

The Power of Friendships

Feel it, Believe it, Pass it on! The Power of Friendships.     I feel you will get some inspiration and laughs along the way.

It’s not about material wealth but the wealth of having good friends to share life with.

This article, The Queen has spoken, will help you on the road to enjoying life like a QUEEN!

Doris aka Queen Rose

Grandparent, 10 Years of Journalism

That’s right, I wrote in my journal about my grandson’s growing up years. I like to remember the important little things he did, first tooth, first steps, and some of his first words were the beginning of a long history of thoughts that I collected. My love for him is like the grandest feeling in the world!  Occasionally, I began to write down words of joy, laughter, and excitement about his life. I felt like it was giving me a chance to relive the feelings of happiness I felt inside as a grandparent. I kept writing and one day I thought, I will keep writing until…?? Well, after 10 years of journalism seem to fly by. 
grandparents journal

Grandparents 10-year Journal

Grandchildren are life’s greatest treasure! I know lots of people have many of them but with a new-found feeling of joy that overtakes you in the beginning, it’s all about that special one. He is my first and only blood grandson. Having grandkids by my son’s marriage is fantastic! I get to say I have 4 all together. They are precious one by one.


My little Woody at Halloween

Being the dodging grandparent, that would be me, I was able to babysit him every weekend from the age of 2 weeks old. He would come every Friday night to stay while my son and his wife  went out on a date. I really think that is an important part of a marriage. I always welcomed the time I could spend with him. I like to have fun and dressed him up like Woody, one of his favorite characters.

I had a Christmas tree in our bedroom and when he came to visit I turned off all the lights except for the tree and we like to watch The Grinch. I must have watched it over 500 times. Another one of his favorite movies. It was all whimsical and full of fun and laughter!


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The easy way to 10 years of journalism is picking up that journal and jot down just a few short sentences about your grandchild’s life.

  1. Select a journal that is easy to hold and tuck away in your purse if needed.
  2. Select a good writing pen, use the same one day after day. A generic pen that you can change out the ink is best.
  3. Write about special days, birthdays, first day of school, friends, and make these days your easy  entires.
  4. Add photos and awards they have received.
  5. Post a reminder on the refrigerator to “write in your journal”.
  6. School day memories is a great entry to write about. (1st grade all the way to 5th or 6th grade gives many cherriest happenings.)
  7. Entries about report cards and teachers will be good subjects.
  8. Add messages about friends and sleep overs.
  9. Favorite foods, snacks, & drinks.
  10. Favorite Disney movies or cartoons, & television shows.

10 Year Journal

10 year Journal

I love the finished journal and there are times I sit in my stressless recliner and read from it. I’m reminded of the early years but now that my grandson is almost 14, I appreciate the journal more than ever. It took dedication and percifereny to write in it when there are so many things that take over our lives. I just feel it’s one of the best things I have ever done!

You too can give it a try, grandparent, 10 years of journalism is a real-life way to bring your memories into the moment. Begin with just  few lines, maybe one paragraph is all you have time to write. That’s a great place to start.

Let me hear about your progress. I love to connect with grandparents!

Queen Rose

The Queen’s Art Inspiration

Toller Cranston

Toller Cranston, RIP

I am a self-taught artist and learned some techniques from Toller Cranston, a famous Olympic skater and artist, while visiting San Miguel. Overlapping colors and layers of paint shows a more dramatic look.  His home, full of art, was just magnificent. I will never forget the way he invited us into his home and shared his love of art. Several of my Red Hat friends purchased paintings that day. I feel indebted to the Art gallery personnel for arranging the tour. We had a most enjoyable time and celebrated with margaritas.

Art Tour

Friends on Art Tour

I love the bold colors of Mexico and love using that platform to interpret Pop Art in my paintings. I discovered the interest while on vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There the culture of the people is simple and fun. I love whimsical figures and putting it onto canvas is satisfying to me as an artist.

Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead by Queen Rose

I will be traveling back to San Miguel next year and hope to add to my list of intriguing ideas. Sometimes you have to look and find art in secret places.

Travel with me to find your niche and tell me how you get creative. I want to hear and learn from you. Do you have a comment on Day of the Dead that you would like to share? I love the annual events that have at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment with alters set up for love ones. I participate in the event each year and my best bud and I enjoy the outing with full dress. We will be looking for statues and other items on our trip in February 2016. Life is good!

Queen Rose