Sunshine in my Soul today!!

I know, you’ve heard the saying before.

Sunshine in my Soul today!

I want to share my sunshine and it’s because at the ripe age of soon-to-be 72, I made a decision to retire! It’s with mixed feelings and emotions but I know it is what I need to do. My life has been filled with friends and family that want the best for me. I think God is pleased with my decision. I talk to him daily for guidance and inspiration and through my prayers I know God is listening. I guess many of you don’t understand that life but it’s one that’s given me peace and happiness.

I look forward to spending quite moments in my hammock reflecting on the pass and planning the future. My husband and I need this time to travel and enjoy the later years of our marriage. I want to enjoy the days of sleeping late, eating when I’m hungry, and napping on rainy days when I can’t be outside.

I look forward to spending time with my family and laughing about silly things. My friends will fill my days of fun and adventure too. They have always been my inspiration.

Life is full of sunshine and it’s in my soul today!




  To be ” inspired ” is to live ” this ” day to its fullest.

 “The greatest gift we can give is to discover who we are and share it with the world” We each are given the gift of free will and choice’s. It is our responsibility to choose wisely how we share this gift toward the world and to realize that ultimately every action and choice we make touch’s something outside of ourselves and in the end it all comes back to us.

I choose the path of love, compassion and understanding which is the path of the “warrior” and brings me closer to my Creator. It creates in my world a place of inner peace.

Where do we find inspiration? For many artist, writers, musicians, we find it within ourselves. We don’t have to dig deep as it’s always on the underlying surface of our beings. I want to share it with the world, it’s there if you will give it a try. My goal is to give you tools to bring that inspiration full circle.

My tools are simple and short designed to work and help you achieve inspiration;

  • Let your mind clear of all outside turmoil. Yes, you CAN do it!
  • Have a cup of joe and close your eyes to the outside world. It’s just you and your thoughts.
  • What gives you joy and peace? That’s called inspiration.
  • Start each day each day with a mission. It doesn’t have to be one that keeps you from your job or family, it’s one that says, “I’m going to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow.”
  • Set your goal for the day. It may be completing a project you started months ago or one that you want to start. The key to this thinking is COMPLETION. If you procrastinate then you get what I’m saying.
  • Keep your goal in the front of your mind. Write it down. Place a written note on your refrigerator. Place notes around the house with reminders. Let your family know you are on a mission.
  • Write down steps to complete your goal. You might have to take a few days or even a few weeks to obtain it.
  • Think outside the box. There is more than one way to view any project.

I’m inspired to paint a colorful arrangement of canvas for my living room wall. I found just what I was looking for on Lightinthebox . The set of canvas are colorful with a whimsical touch. I started researching the items needed to complete the project and thought I would share it with you. I will update my progress as I go along. It will be mind-boggling at first but I’ve set my goal. I feel assured I can achieve it!

Whimsical Wall Art

                          Whimsical Wall Art


I hope in some small way I have given you some tools to help you on your search for inspiration.

Each person has a gift given to you by the almighty God.

Sometimes you have to live a little life before it comes to you full circle.

Inspiration is contagious, give it to others and see what comes back to you!

I salute you on your mission to find inspiration.

Doris aka Queen Rose