Blingy Pet Carrier!

It’s time for Bootzi’s shots and I had some treats sprinkled in her pet carrier to entice her in.  My kitty hasn’t a clue what is to come but when you add treats she will do anything! I closed the wire door and away we went to the Vet. I looked around the office and everything seemed sterile.  The artist I am, a vision came to me, AGAIN, ha go figure. I’m going to make Bootzi a Blingy Pet Carrier. It will be one-of-a-kind like no other!

I made a list of supplies and began quickly to think about the things I already had to make it blingy. I drove to Dollar General and found just what I needed. The list is quite small but making it blingy can make a huge impact on the pet carrier and the results are amazing!


  • Black Hammered spray paint
  •  jewel stickers
  • a roll of decorative tape

A simple project that can be completed in record time!

Bootzi's Blingy Pet Carrier

Bootzi’s Blingy Pet Carrier

 Bootzi's Blingy Pet Carrier

Bootzi’s Blingy Pet Carrier

I know you will want one for your pet too! It’s a fun project to do for your precious kitty.

Your Blingy Pet Carrier  will be the envy of all pet owners.

Do you want to make a Blingy Pet Carrier for your pet?

Please share with me the photos and supplies you used. I love hearing about your projects!

Doris aka Queen Rose

Red, White, & Blue

With the 4th of July right around the corner, I started thinking what kind of decor I had stored away. My stash of seasonal items, located in my laundry room closet, are out of sight. Every time I open the door my kitty, Bootzi, wants to go in and check out boxes and things I have on my shelves. I have to close the door behind me if I want to dig around without her. You see, once she got locked up in that room all day and all I hear was a very faint meow that let me know she was in there.

Queen Kitty


Red white blur

Red, white, & Blue tablescape

I like to bring a touch of whimsy to my decor because it makes me happy and cheerful. I found some red, white, and blue bandanas, 2 nutcrackers, and a couple other items to give the dining room a whimsical feature. I sewed the 2 bandanas together and steam press them for a crisp look. I came across 2 pineapple statues and the white color was just what I was looking for. I like to move my decor around to different areas and they look new and gives me that extra touch of whimsy.

I always have seasonal decor and my stash seems to grow year after year. I donate items to our local Salvation Army but find myself going there always bringing something home. I have found some great treasurers there. Just today, my 86-year-old neighbor and I drove to one close by and I bought an angel blowing a trumpet dressed in red, white, and blue. The angel reminded me of my whimsical angel weathervane on the Queen’s Studio.

I love to shop at Hobby Lobby, Old Time Pottery, and Michael when they have sales and coupons. I buy decor for my home that I usually can’t afford otherwise.  I find now my taste has changed and I like to recycle household items to give them a farm style look.

Maybe you like to bring a touch of whimsy to your home. If you would like to share your decor, send me an email, if approved I will post it on my page. You can view my page on Pinterest, Red, White, & Blue, for all kinds of neat 4th of July 🇺🇸 things to make, DIY.

Let’s talk soon, drop me a line at with a 4th of July project you completed. I will feature you as a diy blogger and we all can learn from each other.

Let’s keep this party going!  Queen Rose🌹