Days in San Miguel, 2016

Updates from my previous posts, I’m Waiting with Excitement!, brings joy and happiness with words from myself and my gal friends that shared the Days in San Miguel,2016. Let the fun begin!




I’m Waiting with Excitement

I’m Waiting with Excitement to celebrate my 70th birthday in style!  I’ve got 2 great friends to share it with and a wonderful husband to help guide our paths. Okay, maybe the word isn’t guide but he’ll be along for the ride. It will be a trip to put in the Queen’s history book!

I’ve gathered some fabulous designer looking outfits for a photo shoot in the streets of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. That is where my heart longs to be and suck in all the artistry that makes this city so rare. It is one of the best places to visit and see amazing artist at work.


My adventure will be to dress up in style and take some photos of me and my girlfriends in the streets of Mexico. I love the idea that women over 50 present themselves as bold and beautiful.

I love Iris Apfel and how she boldly wears her clothes. She is an inspiration to older ladies. I too, have a passion for bright colors and want to incorporate that in my wardrobe. I think my friends would say, “Yes, she is a colorful lady” and I don’t want to disappoint them.

I’m waiting with excitement to dress up and go out and see what the streets of San Miguel have to offer. This will be my 4th time there and I know I will not be disappointed. I can’t get enough of the culture, art, and the shopping there.

Queen looking for Mexican trinkets

Queen looking for Mexican trinkets

I will definitely update this post with my our photos of the memorable time but until then I’m waiting with excitement and know the days are ticking off. I still have to cancel mail and paper, talk to my local bank, and verify my minutes with my provider. Oh, I forgot, I must start packing because I have a lot of stuff. My husband says one suitcase but a girl’s got to have jewelry, accessories, makeup, meds, and my tablet to document the vacation.

Check out Things to do in San Miguel de Allende, you too might decided to travel to this amazing art community!

I’m waiting with excitement in Alabama and heading to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a holiday!

God Bless, Doris

Looking for Art in all the Right Places

San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende

Who would have thought it? I fell in love with Mexico after traveling there 3 times and another trip planned for 2016. I am thrilled that my path has led me to a place filled with joy and interesting people. I love the Mexican culture. Smiling faces, strolling Maracihi bands, and parades. I don’t know the language very well but like a crazy lady, (that’s me) I just add a “O” at the end of my words. That’s me, crazy lady that’s right, trying to have fun in this life and making sure I get all the laughter and adventures I can.

Check out this for more about San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Fun in San Miguel del Alende,Mexico

Fun in San Miguel del Allende,Mexico

My past trips to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico brought joy to my life! My husband, friends and I spent 6 weeks in the town roaming around and finding quaint little shops and eateries. Wow, the food is more than fabulous. Fresh fruits, ice cream, tacos, and even carrot cake in Mexico. The corners of town are filled with little stations of families selling their staples. I love the corner ice cream shop selling raspberry, it’s my friends favorite. Fresh fruits and pears so large you have to save part of it for later. Gosh, it’s all grown there and mostly free from pesticides.

Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead by Queen Rose

Looking for art in San Miguel is what drives me back to that beautiful place. San Miguel artist are on every street. Small out-of-the-way spaces that seem to draw you in. Colorful pieces of Mexican history are there for the viewing. Day of the Dead figurines, burros, straw hats, talavera plates, cups, and many other items.  I found a love for the Day of the Dead art (I painted a canvas as a memory) and painted a few canvas paintings for myself and for sale.

Check out my blog post, The Queen’s Art Inspiration for more details on art in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

“Looking for art in all the right places”

Queen looking for Mexican trinkets

Queen looking for Mexican Art & trinkets

I especially like the silver and various stones sold in the silver shops. Our last trip I bought several opals and found a jeweler that let me design my ring and bracelet. He could make them and have them ready within 2 days. It is amazing!


We participated in a Mexican ritual Cascarones Day involves decorating eggs and when the signal is given the object is to run around “smashing” the eggs on your friends head! (the eggs are filled with glitter, etc) I know, it was really crazy. You can buy the eggs from the local children and families and when night falls someone signals the time and everyone starts cracking the cascarones (in their hand) over someone’s head. The Mexican tradition is good luck to have a cascarone crack over your head is an honor. My girlfriend that traveled with us had a blast. She just ran around everywhere smashing eggs on anyone in sight. We had a really fun time. Some of our clothes didn’t survive that night. It was all worth a few minutes of laughter.

My favorite time spent in Mexico is relaxing in the 85 degree year round weather. We bask in the sunshine and drank margaritas whenever possible. The only problem with Mexican tequila is it is VERY strong! Beware of that if you decide to travel there. Ice would not weaken the taste and the drinks were 90% tequila and 10% triple sec and lime. Too many of them and you will be dancing in the Jardin.(that’s what we did) The Jardin is a gathering place for tourists and Mexican families during the day and night. The Mariachi bands play and it invites you to sit and linger for a while.

My next trip is January 2016 for 2 weeks. Yeh Haw! Traveling with my husband and 2 friends will be over the top fun. We will be celebrating a milestone birthday (2 of us) and looking for art in the streets of San Miguel de Allende Looking for art in all the right places!

Hasta la vista, Doris aka Queen Rose

Queen Rose

Queen Rose