Make 2016 A New Beginning

Many of us start to make New Year resolutions about this time each year. 2016 will begin about the same for many people. Do you want 2016 to be the same? Make 2016  A New Beginning for your resolution!

It can be if you believe. You ask, what are you talking about? I want to pass it on to you. I too make New Year resolutions but the best one I made was to follow Jesus.

Jesus is my go-to when I am feeling sad or need a friend.  Jesus is always available any time day or night. Read your bible and know you can obtain peace.

I like to hear Joel Osteen and see how he adds positive life stories to give us his positive message. He inspired me to heights I never dreamed I could accomplish. God speaks to him and I listen.

The best gift ever given was Jesus coming to this earth and walking among the people and teaching by his example. Jesus died for you and me. He can take away your heartache when everything else fails.

bible-706662_1920Take time to figure out where you will spend eternity. We can’t predict the day we will die. If you don’t make a decision you will be lost when Jesus comes again. Make a wise decision and know it’s the best decision of your life.

A New Beginning can help you in every situation you face. I beg you do it before it’s too late. God has a plan for you. He knows your heart and he will enrich your life and give you peace. You can have the assurance of a home eternally.

I hope my message will inspire you to make a New Beginning, Doris

Enjoying the peaceful life

Vacations can give you a new lease on life! Being at the beach is a great way to unwind. Especially when you have family members that enjoy your company. I love it when a plan comes together. We love hanging out at the beach, pool, and eating. I guess that’s the normal things but with family makes it even more special.

Peaceful life

Peaceful life

Another way to enjoy peace for me is to paint, crafts, gardening and blogging.  It helps me to block out the world around me. Hobbies help you get a sense of self and connect with people who like the things that interest you.

queen flowers

Queen’s Flowers

I like to feel accomplished, successful, and worthy so I create that with my hobbies. Maybe I don’t get that feeling from others, so I give it to myself.

That’s why I love gardening, I love to cut flowers and bring them in to enjoy.

Finding a way to relieve stress will free your soul and bring peace to your life, start today.

Queen Rose