Queen’s Pop Art Decor

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Queen’s Pop Art

Magic colors of Pop Art has a way of bringing a smile to my face. I love the boldness of the dark shades. I use the colors to draw life into my canvas with every stroke I make. Each color pops out like a rabbit in a hole.

Bold colors make a statement and will bring interest to a blank wall or room. Begin with the 60-30-10% rule of decorating and then add the essential items to the room to complete your design.

Here is a quick way to paint a canvas that will work with your style.


  • Begin by painting the whole canvas in a bright yellow and mix in some orange for interest.
  • Think about using colors that match your home. In my case, I use red, teal, black and white checks.
  • Add circles with checks, swirls, stripes and whimsical stars, or anything you like as a whimsical design. I use those like Mackenzie Childs.
  • Create leaves and whimsical spirals to fill the canvas.
  • Use black and white checks to mimic Mackenzie Child’s. Here I painted a stand that gives the canvas a whimsical look.
  • The flower pot is painted in red and gold stripes as it is a signature look of Mackenzie Child’s décor.
  • Lastly, I painted black stripes around the entire canvas. (the look of a frame is what I had in mind)

Most people like soft natural colors for their home decorating but not me! I have a red sofa, teal walls, and accents of black and white checks. My favorite designer of home items is Mackenzie Child’s. I use my paint brush and other ways to give an old piece of furniture a whimsical look.

Boho Chest

Boho Chest like Mackenzie Child’s 

  • Use your imagination to draw on when planning your next DIY project.
  • Include a variety of patterns within the same color family.
  • Add black and white checks to give your project a whimsical look.
  • Add several papers; craft, wallpaper, tissue paper, even cocktail napkins to complete your project.
  • Mod Podge is the glue of choice for positioning the papers on the DIY project. A second coat to seal the paper and give it a glossy shine.

Pop Art Lady

Pop Art Lady

The Pop Art Lady is my latest project. I actually took a paint class at Lowe Mill Art & Entertainment with a skilled artist I admire.

Learning new skills and new ways to use your skills is the best way to get a broader view of art.

Everyone you meet brings a fresh approach to life!

Take a class, join a group, or learn a new skill. It will help to enhance your hum-drum world. You might find you have raw talent hidden underneath layers of stress.

Pop Art is all around just look for it in home decorating stores, DIY projects of your own, or purchase Pop Art direct from artist on Etsy, Ebay, or from Queen Rose. I will be glad to paint a commissioned piece to match your decor.  Queen’s Pop Art is happy to please and happy to have new visitors to my blog! Drop me an email and we can discuss your one-of-a-kind canvas masterpiece.

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60-30-10% Rule to Add Color to Your Home!

What is color for you? Do you have white or beige décor? Are your walls plain and dull? Are you mainly wearing the color black or just plain Jane when it comes to your home and attire? I am here to help you get out of the box and try a mood change that will lift your spirits! You can add color to your home using the 60-30-10%!

I’ve always loved color and it gives me the happy spirit I need when feeling down or just not myself. I know many of you are afraid to step out and try something new. If you can’t visualize what a difference it can make, let me help you. Some people have problems with drawing from their creative side of the brain. Well, all that can change and I am the person to help make you take the first step!

I have a certificate from the New York Institute Art & Design and love to share my knowledge with all!

  • What will the room be used for? Example office, bedroom, or family room
  • Will you need certain pieces of furniture and lighting (this will determine placement & selection)
  • What is your favorite color? It helps to add colors you can relate to as you will be using it throughout your home.
  • Use the 60-30-10%rule. 60% dominate color, 30% coordinating color (opposite the color wheel), and 10% pops of color. Stay in the same shade family for your choices.
  • Select the 60% paint color for your walls.
  • Select the 30% color for your furniture, unless you want to play it safe and use beige.
  • Select your accessories with 10% color choice.

60-30-10% RULE PLAN

Look in magazines to see what colors and designs you relate to. Collect pictures of furniture and accessories that you like. Look at them and decide your color scheme. Remember the 60-30-10% rule and make decisions based on those numbers!

#1 – The 60% rule is shop for paint colors at Home Depot, I think the Behr paint is the best choice with great coverage. (I have painted my living room 5 times in the past 20 years and swear by it) Home Depot has a wide variety of paint colors to choose from and will even match colors from a swatch of clothing!

  • Prepare walls and floors for painting and put your favorite color on your walls. Yes, it’s hard work but come on ladies, you can do it!

#2 – The 30% rule can be one you like a lot or one that is opposite the color wheel. ex: red and blue is the opposite color.Use current furniture or maybe even slip-cover your sofa in a neutral beige.

  • Add a chair, picture for the wall, or even a new sofa with a second color choice.

#3 – The 10% rule for accessories.

  • Select beautiful accent pieces that coordinate with your current furniture. A throw for the couch or chair, a vase, statue, a rug, or flower arrangement will fall into this rule.

Some of my favorite stores to shop at have quality merchandize and loads of knickknacks to add charm and whimsy to your home. I like to shop at Ross, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and local thrift stores. I buy at estate sales, yard sales and many antique stores to come up with the one-of-a-kind décor. I use my painting skills to make signs, (see the word sign, GRACE, in the photo below)

I choose happy colors that bring a sort of whimsy to my home. I select turquoise and white with pops of red. I naturally like red, it’s my favorite color, and you need to think what makes you smile. It’s all about how color makes you feel. If you want a soft relaxing color like blue then select a color opposite of the color wheel. If you are daring, like me, select red and turquoise. They are opposite colors that work together perfectly.

My experience with interior design helped me to re-decorate all my rooms and use the 60-30-10% rule!

  • I removed wall paper and painted with Behr paint. 60 rule
  • I used chalk paint and painted the armoire in the picture to match the chairs. 30 rule (see below)
  • I found several great chairs for my dining room from Overstock I love them and they were sent shipping free! (My builder friend, Kathy, built this fabulous farm table for me)
  • I use red bar stools and pops of red on the shelves (out of sight) 10 rule
dining room

Queen’s dining room 60-30-10% rule

I hope you get the concept of the 60-30-10% rule of decorating. It gives you direction and helps you to start with your task at hand. You should always have a plan to keep you on track. I look forward to you posting some photos of your decorating using this rule!

Come back soon! Doris aka Queen Rose